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US Congress Votes to Provoke Iran 404-4 - Democrats sell out again!

Democrats screw people over again, including the so called progressive democrats. The Democratic Party will stab the people in thr back every time. Iran says they are not building a bomb. There is no evidence that they are. Iran is no military threat to this country. The Democrats are a lying bunch of scoundrels!
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A few weeks ago there was a story in Israel's leading Newspaper the Haaretz:
Iranian official: UN sanctions may lead us to seal off Persian Gulf

Iran has the high mountains north of the narrow Straits of Hormuz, and if provoked, they can shut off all oil from the Middle East. What do you think that would do to our economy?

Naturally, our Congress voted 404 - 4 to refer Iran to the UN Security Council. Are they trying to start a war?

404 -4 .... INCLUDING most of the leading "Progressive Democrats" like John Conyers, Bernie Sanders, Barney Frank, Maxine Waters and Henry Waxman. They all voted to provoke confrontation, even when

a National Intelligence Estimate on Iran's nuclear capabilities was released showing that Iran was 10 years away from building a nuclear weapon. The Security Council option, favored heavily by the bill, thinly veils the route to a military confrontation with Iran.

The Administration, covered by this bill, is leading this country to take military action against Iran. Make no mistake, that is the US program at the UN, just as it was prior to the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

The Washington Post confirms Kucinich's statement- according to our own National Intelligence Estimate, Iran is 10 yrs from a Nuclear Bomb- so what the hell is Congress doing?

We're seeing a mirror image of the Iraq war buildup. After all that's been exposed, how is it possible that they can possibly be pushing another war in exactly the same fashion? They're getting away with it solely thanks to the complicity of Congress.

It appears that the Bushies would like to use the "create a new reality" plan to launch another war to divert from the War Lies, Bush committing a crime, Spying on Peace Groups, Katrina Warning Ignored, New Orleans Evictions, Abramoff Corruption, Cheney outed Plame, Halliburton looting, Anthrax Vaccinatons, Stolen Election, the "Patriot" Act authorizing a New Gestapo, and other scandals.

In other words, they don't mind starting another needless war, sacrificing more young Americans, killing more innocents and creating even more hatred of US worldwide, sinking us all into more debt, just to cover their asses. Or maybe they really are trying to destroy America.

Why isn't there an organized opposition to this BUllSHit? Because the "opposition leader" Nancy Pelosi led the Democrats to vote with Bush again, just like she told them NOT to LISTEN to Katrina Survivors testimony, just like her plan to have no plan on Iraq... total and complete BS from the supposed oppostion leader. Why did the Dems in Congress vote for someone like that to be their leader? Why is she still there? What are we supposed to do with idiots like this rolling over for Bush again and again?
Its simple, they are all one party, except when they arenít. 21.Feb.2006 18:55


The Democrats know they are perceived as weak on defense, so they have to go along with this, for now.

They also know the Israeli lobby is in full swing on this and are rattling their bag of sheckels reminding the democrats the 2006 mid-term fund raising season is just around the corner.

They also have faith that Russia and China will stick their own collective cranks into this at the UN and it will never become anything other than a strongly worded suggestion, allowing the democrats much needed political cover.

If Bush attacks Iran, it won't be before the 2006 elections.

ya I know 23.Feb.2006 21:38


Politicians are a joke. All of them. Its up to us to change this country, and so far it seems like to many people like sitting on their ass or just dont care so it is bound to happen, along with everything else.