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0221 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news fro February 21st, 2006
1. By the time you read this, the Oregon Supreme Court will have decided the fate of the deranged festival of slobbering greed that is Measure 37. How the hell did this delusional assault on Oregon's land use laws ever get passed? How the hell did it ever get on the ballot?
2. Meanwhile, back in Portland, a signature gathering company is being sued by employees for back wages they are owed.
3. Oregon's students can't hack the college Life because high school failed to adequately prepare them. (Hey kids! Here's some preparation for you: Not everything is easy and entertaining, physics for example. Yet many difficult things are worth doing because they are involving. Sitting on your fat pimply ass in front of the telly or a video game is easy and entertaining and not worth a fart. The things you work hard at are the things that give meaning to your life. No one ever said with their last dying breath, 'Gee, I wish I'd watched more TV... .')
4. FSRN: Efforts are growing on US campuses to encourage divestment in Sudan to influence the situation in Sudan. (How about a little divestment of Israeli companies and a boycott of Israeli goods? )
5. The Supreme Court is deciding a case today that has the potential to gut the 1972 Clean Water Act. Seems some shitbird developer in Michigan can't understand that the wetlands that he bulldozed and filled fed into Lake Huron - itself in death throes - twenty miles away. No one pointed out to the developer that had the coastal wetlands in Florida and Louisiana not been "developed", hurricanes like Rita and Katrina would not have had such a devastating effect.)
6. Leaping carp are invading the Great Lakes! Quick! Someone call Michael Chertoff. If you go fishing be sue to bring along a garbage can lid to use as a shield to fend off the Terror Fish.
7. Ad as if those carp weren't bad enough, Scientists here in the UsofA and in Scotland are talking about disease transmission. It is taking place "unnaturally fast". This means the firewall that has existed between the human microworld and the animal micro world is gradually being eroded. (Hear that, all you "ecotourists"?)
8. US Dept. of Hubris: Undersecretary of State, pinhead and all-round crony Karen Hughes says life in prison at Gitmo is positively balmy. This despite the fact that Manfred Nowak, US torture investigator, told the world that either the place should be shut down or the prisoners should be tried. (I'm guessing that the uS can't afford to do either, and I worry that one of the aforementioned new diseases may find its way to Cuba and... ..)
9. Bush and Fox pretended to talk seriously about Drug War that is smoldering along the US/Mexico border. (Notice how our amazingly ineffective War on Drugs has morphed into the amazingly effective Drug War?)
10. Yet another delay for Michael Morales's execution. When the anesthesiologists attending were told just exactly what some of the unpleasant might add up to, they politely declined to do the jib. Now they have a back-up anesthesiologist on stand-by. And tonight's the night.
11. In a seven-year secret program at the National Archives, intelligence agencies have been removing from public access thousands of historical documents that were available for years. The NYT observed that "While many of the choices made by the security reviewers at the Archives are baffling, others seem guided by an old bureaucratic reflex: to cover up embarrassments even if they occurred a half-century ago." So now they really are going to change history...
12. The Admin had to scramble to come up with $5 million dollars to restore jobs that had been cut at a renewable energy laboratory to avoid potential embarrassment. Seems the President was scheduled to speak at the lab on the topic of American ingenuity...
13. FSRN: an Ohio video surveillance firm has apparently become the first company in the US to implant microchips under the skin of key personnel.
14. The former president of Malaysia explained just exactly how he came to meet president Bush: It cost $1.2 million dollars and it was arranged by the Heritage Foundation.
15. FSRN: It is so cold in the mid-west and heating costs are so high that Red State People have finally accepted Hugo Chavez's generous offer of discounted oil, at the same time as... ..
16. ... .Condoleeza Rice was saying, "I think it's fair to say that one of the biggest problems that we face in that regard are the policies of Venezuela, which... are attempting to influence neighbors away from the democratic process." (She's even beginning to sound as inarticulate as Bush. Sad, y'know; she seemed like such a bright girl... )
17. It looks like there may still be a slim chance that the miners trapped after a gas explosion in a Mexican coal mine can be found before their oxygen supplies run out.
18. In the Philippines, the situation is a good bit grimmer.
19. And in Nigeria it appears that MENA militants are dead serious about wanting the revenue from their own oil and they want Shell Oil to clean up the environmental disaster it left behind when it left. What? Yes, friends, Shell is packing it up and moving to Alaska...
20. This Port World deal is making some Republicans nervous. The Admin says that it has carefully investigated the company and everything is jake as far as security is concerned. It's just that putting a gigantic United Arab Emirates-based country in charge of the nation's ports - especially in light of the fact that UAE had played a role in the 9/11 debacle.