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AUDIO mon feb 20th kboo News and Public Affairs on www.radio4all.net ...

mon feb 20th 'Get This' News [!] and other NPA broadcasts (7-11am and 5-7pm)
F E B R U A R Y 2006 - KBOO program schedule Week At A Glance lineup
see later comments

homepage: homepage: http://www.radio4all.net/index.php?op=search&nav=&session=&searchtext=pdx+kboo+unofficial+archive+project&submit.x=18&submit.y=8
phone: phone: 503 287 3473
address: address: OFFICIAL KBOO website http://kboo.fm

AUDIO SUMMARY kbooMorning 7:30-9am PEAK OIL Peter Schoemaker[sp?] 20.Feb.2006 19:19

pdx kboo unofficial archive project

check out the attached audio summary - the Chris Andreae / Peter Shoemaker[sp?] PEAK interview and call-in is only one item today

AUDIO SUMMARY morning News and Public Affairs lineup
AUDIO SUMMARY morning News and Public Affairs lineup

other kboo programs mon feb 20th 22.Feb.2006 16:50


9-10am OLD MOLE VARIETY HOUR Bill Resnick
10-11am FOOD SHOW + today DemocracyNow! promo
****RECOMMENDED by Archivist
5-6pm IMMIGRATION LAW SPECIAL Eduardo Delanderos-Tierre
*****HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by Archivist
6-7pm LABOR RADIO "History of General Strikes"