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It's good to see all the post on this web site about the war on deception created by the Corporate Genocide War Wagon we have to fight every day.
The only problem is the fact that we can not stop their games of war if we as Americans are not willing to take a stand by creating our own resources as a people and stop depending on the same corporate thugs that poison our air and water with their poison for a dollar mentality.
Wings of Freedom
Wings of Freedom
WE as progressives have to take charge of our own communities and create a publicly funded research program with our own people working on new age renewable energy resources.

By all the post here on Indy it is clear that we have the will to take a stand on our beliefs,

But do we a people have the strength to turn the tide in the direction our country is headed and create our own network of think tanks willing to work on research for a free form energy source.

We know that the corporations will not.
As proof I give you Iraq and all the other lies spoken by the republicons.

We can not depend on the people that keep us dependent on the resources that they create to take a new direction.

This is like asking a street drug dealer to give us a break on the price of their poison.
It's the same mentality, only a different con of a salesman.

Only WE THE PEOPLE can make the difference by creating a consortium owned by the people.

Not the corporations.