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wells fargo lootin and pollutin since 1852- stop wells fargos dirty money investments

Howdy pardner, there 's a new campaign in town and it's aim is Stop Wells Fargo's investments in Dirty Money!!
Wells Fargo is the top financier of destructive oil, coal, logging, and mining operations that contribute to global warming, ecosystem destruction, and human rights abuses. A lot of these investments fall on the backs of those who can least afford it, including low income and immigrant communities.

Whether financing "mountaintop removal" coal mining, dirty power plants, oil drilling on pristine public lands, or profiting from third-world debt, Wells Fargo is putting profits ahead of people and the Earth, and falling out of favor from its customers and concerned citizens who demand better!

Around the country, local campaigns to educate Wells Fargo customers, executives, shareholders and employees about the bank's Wild West practices are kicking off. We'll be visiting the corporate headquarters in the Financial District and several branches around town creating a buzz about Wells using street theater, culture jamming, non-violent direct action and grassroots education. We will also be part of protests outside their Annual Shareholder's meeting in late April (also in San Francisco).

It's high time Wells Fargo get on the wagon, joining the rest of the banking industry by taking responsibility for the destructive impact of its investments and charting a new course toward economic justice and environmental sustainability.

For More Info or to get involved-- Check Out www.dirtymoney.org, email
 sparkin@ran.org or call 415-235-0596

Wells Fargo:Lootin'&Pollutin' since 1852!

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