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Chicago Afrobeat Project

Interview with Dave and mark of the Chicago Afrobeat Project. Continuing a series of interviews with Afrobeat musicians. Afrobeat is deeply concerned in social criticism to pave way to social change.
Chicago Afrobeat Project
Chicago Afrobeat Project
Interview with Mark Thompson and David Glines of the Chicago Afrobeat Project. We discuss how their song "Tibet On It" was inspired by Femi Kuti; how the Chicago Afrobeat Project started; The Chicago Reader; including dancers Tasha and Ebony in upcoming shows; why Afrobeat bands tend to have so many musicians; Tony Allen's 5-piece band; their jazz influence; saxophone player Angelo Garcia; Fela Kuti; talking drum player T.J. Okinola; kora player Morikeba Kouyate; why is Afrobeat having a resurgence of interest; the politcal nature of Afrobeat; the impact of Antibalas on Afrobeat in America; the popularity of dance music; the electronic and house scene in Chicago; their song "Talking Bush" will make you dance; where they recorded their CD; how long it took to record the CD; props to keyboard player and engineeer Kevin Ford; ranking and one of the Top 10 World Music Albums of 2005 on Chicago Public Radio's Passport show; Chris Heim promoting their CD release party; performing at The Note; upcoming performances.

Featured songs are "Tibet On It", "Jekajo" and "Talking Bush".

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