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What happened to Carlos Rubio?

I just found this site and it brought tears to my eyes. I am unsure..
I am unsure if others have already seen this, but it is so sad. I feel bad for that family. To see it, go to carlosrubio.org

In loving Memory of Carlos M. Rubio, May 19, 1985- June 5, 2005 20.Feb.2006 03:30

here it is

On June 4th, 2005 no one knew that would be our last day as a complete family. For sometime after midnight on June 5th a part of us was killed. This site is dedicated to what we lost and the justice we hope to gain.

Carlos M. Rubio had just turned 20 in May of 2005. He worked at a Gresham body shop and took great pride in the work he did on cars. He owned several cars that were a "work in progress" , the one he was most excited to finish was his '84 Cutlass Supreme. He has a bright blue color picked out and had a new engine in it. He would of finished it this year. It remains unfinished.

Carlos had 2 nephews who adored him. Carlos was a great uncle and often took the kids off his sisters hands so she could go out or just get away. Emilio is 4 and Miguel is 2.

Emilio was never able to say uncle correctly and just started calling Carlos, UnCorn. Carlos eventually just took the name on and would often say, "You wanna come and play with Uncorn?" Which of course was greeted by "yeah!!"

Emilio and Miguel know their UnCorn is up in the sky with Jesus. They don't understand how or why they can't visit him. All they know is their UnCorn never came back.

Do You Know What Happened to Carlos M. Rubio?

Any and All tips will be confidential.

Send your tips to:


Mail to:

21695 SE Firwood Road

Sandy, Oregon 97055

Case Facts:


Carlos' was last seen in NE Portland. He was spending the weekend at his sisters house. She saw him last around 11:00 pm on June 4th standing outside her apartment. When she woke up Carlos and her car were both missing.

Carlos disappeared with his sisters black '99 Acura 3.0 CL.

2 days after Carlos' disappearance the car was found in a remote area of the Ripplebrook National Forest.

A search of the area was conducted, Carlos was not located.

On Labor Day the Rubio family was told a body was found near si si butte. It was believed to be their sons. The body was not too far from where the car was found, in an area previously searched.

Clackamas county has closed this case. Apparently the Rubio family does not deserve the dignity of a proper and complete investigation.

The Rubio's continue the plight on their own. Please help their cause.

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Missing and Exploited Children

Were you treated wrongly by the Sandy Police? Write your local elected officials TODAY!

Or I'm sure Chief Skelton would appreciate an email.

Or perhaps a letter. You can write Harold Skelton at:

38970 Proctor Blvd. Sandy, OR. 97055

or he may prefer the convenience of getting a letter delivered to him directly at home.

38871 Hood St. Sandy, OR. 97055

Carlos was harassed by Sandy Police for the last 3 years of his life. In August of 2005 Carlos was arrested for not pulling over when Sandy Police instructed him to. Instead he called 911 and informed them that the Sandy police were after him. He thought they were going to kill him that night. He drove home to his own driveway where he hoped his family would witness whatever took place. He was arrested there and several months later during his trail a Sandy Police officer I shall let remain nameless told Carlos' father, "I am warning you Mr. Rubio, you better be careful. Your not going to like what's going to happen."

8 Days later Carlos disappeared.

a few more details please 20.Feb.2006 12:44


Why do you think Carlos was the center of the Sandy Police Department's attention ("harrassed")for 3 years? Just a little elaboration on a possible answer to that question seems reasonable. Nothing I've ever been able to find to read about this story has hinted at even the slightest reason the cops would have had to be after Carlos Rubio

Thanks for the link 20.Feb.2006 15:08

Madam Hatter

Wow, thanks for the link. I had missed all the recent comments to the earlier Rubio article here:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/12/329720.shtml

Is there a way to see "most recent" comments on Indy?

I had wondered what was going on with Mr. Rubio, thanks for the update. I have to really wonder about the comments mentioned above that so strenuously defend the Sandy cops. Who are these people? Why did they come out of the woodwork now?

Do I Have to say it? 20.Feb.2006 20:53


The Sandy Police executed the boy, that is it. No mystery. And since I know that the Sandy Police sit around all day and read this site among others, I say this to them: You are murderers, you are scum, and you killed the wrong kid cause his father will stand like none of you cowards ever will be able to, YOU will never get this behind you, it will never "go away", just as the murder of a burned and bloody victim, Fouad Kaady was murdered by YOU. No you can say it was not me but Willard and Bergin, but you are ALL guilty of murders. My name is Zaki Edward Kahl, and I have no fear of you, NONE! JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED. Remember that, you scum low life murderers. REMEMBER THAT.


ST, Who are you 20.Feb.2006 21:00


Coward, state your name if you honor what you say.

He was arrested there and several months later during his trail a Sandy Police officer I shall let remain nameless told Carlos' father, "I am warning you Mr. Rubio, you better be careful. Your not going to like what's going to happen."
Is exactly right, I have a witness who heard those exact words from that Sandy Police Scumbag.
Why Leave that officer nameless, Post it, or maybe I will contact the witness and post it myself. EVERYONE, STOP BEING AFRAID, THIS IS OUR COUNTRY, IT IS OUR DUTY!

reasons for questions 21.Feb.2006 02:42


Indy editors: this is one of two posts attempting to make the same general comment. I give you personal authority to post the one you feel is most appropriate. This one would be my preference.

I feel like I'm having a little difficulty articulating the point behind asking questions about what reason the police would have had for harrassing Carlos Rubio.

Consider the following example: A person has died through mysterious circumstances. Among that persons family and friends, are one or more individuals having a strong sense that the person's death has ironically been the result of deliberate intent on the part of the police.

Despite the absence of any facts or supporting theories as to why the police would have sought the person's death, people hearing the victims family and friends sincerely relate the story, find themselves inclined to attach a certain truth to the allegations. They may accept what is said about the person and the police role in his death, but without virtually any details, they accept the allegations on face value alone.

I realize all of Carlos family and friends are appealing to the public for info about circumstances leading to his death because maybe they feel they don't have enough to make a case. Maybe they can't imagine any reason why the police would want to hurt Carlos, but you have to start somewhere.

Blind faith goes just so far. If you want to make a case to back up your suspicions, you'd better start pooling your resources and start trying to put the puzzle together. Tell interested people what you can, and they may be able to help you bring out the truth with proof. That's what the questions are all about.

Zaki, I wish you good luck in your quest. I'm interested in the story. Honor precludes me from playing the name game. Games of that variety belong to another type of person I've no interest in being.

alot of time 21.Feb.2006 05:17


You would find that and allot more, unfortunately it would take a great deal of time, and I am still fighting for Fouad, I wish Carlos's father could log on and write for you, he is an incredible man, but I have tried and been unable to cause his unwilling to learn to use computers. He has so much to say and is the bravest person I know; I will continue to encourage him. I can tell you that from time to time when he hears about the support here for him and the talking of his son it brings tears to his eyes. Sorry about taking your comment the wrong way, this just seems like an impossible battle that's going to run my life, and that of many family members. Still there is the occasional grossly incorrect story that is printed in the media, like the recent one in the Oregonian about Fouad. He was such a beautiful person, I knew Willard would come at some angle he had planned with the DA at the grand jury to make a wrong right for a day, and they did, I never saw it coming, he left a loaded shot gun on the hood of his car. Wow. That could be used to kill anyone. Fouad is still with us. Carlos is still with us. Once again, sorry, I am not afraid of these murdering people, but I do not think others should put their neck out as I have and keep your identities secret. We still do not know if they will try to do anything to me for being such a loud mouth, I will say this, Fouad was burned, tazored, then finally shot and murdered, I would die for him at anytime, that's why I have no fear, but me is different than you people, please stay safe. Love you all.

My brother... 21.Feb.2006 15:41

Sarah Rubio SarahsTears@aol.com

The Sandy Police had it out for my brother simply because of his beautiful bald head, his creativity that he expressed by painting and lowering his vehicles. Sandy police officers chose to sterotype him as a "homey". And for those Sandy Police officers who troll this site like fly's on shit, "I DARE YOU TO DENY IT!"

Thats why they had it out for him. Because they are ignorant. Racist.

kkd@yahoo.com 16.Jun.2006 09:11

kkd@yahoo.com kkd@yahoo.com

Félicitations pour votre travail!


my cousin 08.Dec.2006 01:01

pinay24 freaqass24@yahoo.com

i feel so very sad & upset because my cousin was murdered! to whoever murdered carlos rubio... you will have your time... & someday things will be revealed!