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Protest - Tuesday 21st - Why JUDY CAMERONís research will never help anyone

Protest the waste of your tax dollars on pointless animal research:
Tuesday, Feb. 21
First Congregational Church
1126 S.W. Park Ave.
Portland, OR
Meet at 6:15 PM
Judy Cameron of the OHSU primate research center has made a career of conducting monkey experiments that have no application to human medicine.

Among Cameron's pointless experiments:

∑ Flying gliders over monkey's heads and measuring their heart rates with large hardware sewn under their skin. Cameron claims this could teach us about adolescent depression and anxiety.

∑ Running monkeys on treadmills to see if exercise is good for the brain.

∑ Giving baby monkeys a surrogate parent after removing their real mother. This has allegedly shown us that monkeys who receive surrogate parents do better than monkeys left orphaned.

∑ Using monkeys to model women who stop ovulating because of stress, including psychosocial stress, too much exercise and excessive dieting. An alleged goal is to find drugs to treat this type of infertility.

∑ "Behavioral studies are being used to determined if infants who receive greater social support have a decreased probability of developing anxious and depressive behaviors, compared to infants who receive less social support". --excerpted from grant abstract

These studies would be laughable if the consequences weren't so grim for us as well as the monkeys. We have paid millions of tax dollars for Cameron's experiments, which at best duplicate what we already know from human observation. Lab monkeys are not even good models for normal monkeys because of the stressful and unnatural conditions of a lab. Common sense tells us that they cannot teach us about complex human social and psychological phenomena. Cameron has even planned to learn about human divorce by creating fake nuclear monkey families and removing the father to see the effects.
While OHSU's primate center gets more and more tax dollars, programs that actually help people are disappearing because of budget cuts. From 2000 through 2003, Cameron received $8,792,889 in National Institutes of Health grants, as well as portions of the OHSU primate center's base grants. The primate center is in the process of a massive expansion.

Cameron explains in her own words what is wrong with her experiments, commenting on the surrogate parent study: "The results are intriguing because they match observations on humans who lose their parents... Another experiment suggested a way to ease the stress: adoption. ... This probably translates to humans"

Cameron claims that it is necessary to study childhood mental health problems like depression and anxiety in monkeys because parents won't let scientists study their "normal" children. Clearly this is not true. In just one example, results of a multi-year study conducted by the National Institutes of Mental Health on "normal teens" and their brain development were recently widely reported. Observation of children and the availability of new diagnostic technology such as MRIs have taught us what we know about childhood psychology. According to clinical psychologist Dr. Malgosia Ciegelski, who specializes in treating children and adolescents, "Are we learning about human depression by tormenting monkeys? As a clinician, I don't buy it. As taxpayers, we all do".

"I cannot recall a single instance where my clinical judgment was even remotely influenced by the results of a psychological study using animals as subjects or 'models.' " -Michael Klaper, M.D.

Is this how we want our money spent or do we want to actually help people who suffer from mental illness? Public money should benefit the public and not be wasted on corporate welfare. We need to demand accountability from OHSU.

For more information about Cameron's ludicrous experiments, go to:
Or contact CAAT:  caatinfo@lists.riseup.net
(503) 972-CAAT
While the cat is away let the mice play 19.Feb.2006 19:38


Judy Cameron lives at 3326 SW Marquam Hill R,directly at the top of OHSU domain.You know where she will be on Tuesday night but does she know where you will be?

help people who suffer from mental illness 19.Feb.2006 23:42


$8,792,889 is certainly helping Cameron, isn't it?

A lifetime supply of Prozac(tm) would be cheaper, though.

A bit much 21.Feb.2006 22:18


I try to be open-minded about different types of knowledge systems, and be aware of the advantages and limits of sciences. This type of research seems antiquated, and is horribly reactionary. Rather than looking at the root causes of the human behavior and physiological stress, and finding a way to prevent them, they wire up monkeys hoping to find a way to temporarily alleviate the physical ailments, or justify personal convictions about terribly complicated modern human interaction. This is what "post-post-post...modern humanity" has come to? How much longer will human-centric civilization be able to survive? We are evolving toward physical transhumanism, but we are far, far away from conceptual posthumanism. ...ah, enough ranting.

This is Not Science 22.Feb.2006 01:26


This is not science, this is torture of animals so that some bitch can get more grant money. Modern science is more about profit and ego than true advancement. Target her work, target her funding. That'll take the bitch down.

Protest where people will see it 22.Feb.2006 08:59


There has been much in the media of late to question how OHS spends it's alotted cash, very sick children getting cut off from critical care type coverage. An effective protest will be where people will see it- a very visible location. Part of the insanity(in case of earthquake) of putting OHS where it's at is there is one main route connecting it, where the majority of traffic to and from OHS travels.
Protesting outside of people's homes turns an important issue as animal testing into one of the action itself.It is wrong for Bush to bomb whole neighborhoods to assasinate suspected terrorists, and it is wrong to hold a whole neighborhood hostageby a protest few will see to target another terrorist.
And Judy is a terrorist.
She gets paid to terririze monkeys.
Don't make her a victim by targeting her neighborhood, there are better ways.
Terrorist is a better term for her than bitch,
as I'll never ally myself with people who so freely use such a negative, sexist term.

OHSU Protest 22.Feb.2006 09:52

Patrick stopcruelty@gmail.com


You bring up a valid point of holding the protests where people will see it. I believe the primate center however isn't on the hill, but rather somewhere in the Beaverton area.

Of course, holding the protest on the hill could gartner attention from the right people, as Shriner's and Doernbecher's Children's hospitals are up there as well.

Finally, as the primate research is a waste of tax-payer money, has any thought been given to (for this particular topic) working with the anti-tax groups out there? Even though they have a different agenda, in this particular case, it seems that the goal (for differing reasons) is the same: stop the primate research; stop wasting tax-payer money.

Dream primate protest 22.Feb.2006 12:39


Visibility is good, as often actions and protests are a good chance to educate people who otherwise would be unaware because of media inatention. Personally, I often go to these protests to educate myself, as often they are sources for unfiltered information that otherwise would not be available.
An action on OHSU hill would be very visible.
My dream action on the hill about primate torture:
Estimate how many primates have been used by OHSU in their primate research projects.
For each primate do a large, simple cut-out or primate profile zeroxed onto a board stock.
String these together, as has been done with the "clothesline" projects used successfully by women's groups.
In the center of each in bold letters have the dollar amount average to:
Procur each primate.
Feed, house, provide medical care to each primate approximate to the average lifetime these primates live in these facilities.
How much it costs to pay the people to house, feed, and care for each primate.
How much it costs for each device that is sewn into them, how much the opperation costs, how much the person doing the operating makes.
How much does it cost to buy these terror planes used to fly at these primates to terrify them. How much does it cost to construct the field of operations where these acts of terror are inflicted upon primates. (Haliburton?)
How much does it cost to hire a professional plane-jockey to fly these terror planes at primates to stress them out?
Does this take special training?
and how much does that cost?

I've been out to the heart of darkness outside the primate center itself, there is no foot traffic and most people sped by in cars, moving too fast to read the signs.

The drive up to OHSU has few cross-streets intersecting it, is very high-traffic, and a goup of activists carrying a chain of paper monkeys up the hill would be very visible. There is a good but at times risky jogging/bike path to the side, very easy to walk single file.

Call it the "Primate tram of terror."

Misinformed 22.Feb.2006 12:53

Moon Doggie

Gidget, you obviously have never taken part in a home protest or you would know that an entire neighborhood is not held hostage. We are not terrorist, therefore, we do not take hostages. Neighbors and even the targeted researchers are free to come and go as these please. In most cases, when neighbors decide to come to the defense of the neighborhood researcher, it is the protesters who are in danger. Well intentioned but horribly misinformed neighbors have attempted to box the demonstrators in, have followed them well out of neighborhood boundaries and have almost run them down. I hope someday you will elect to join in or even organize a home demonstration yourself so you can witness first hand how nonviolent they are. People who abuse,torture,kill and exploit animals all day for a living should not be able jump into their SUVs, drive home to the suburbs every night and simply leave their blood stained jobs behind. The trail of blood should follow them wherever they go. The animals are never allowed to leave the facility until they are dead.

Home vs Business Protest 22.Feb.2006 13:34

Patrick stopcruelty@gmail.com

Moon Doggie,

While I believe what you are saying (that the protesters need to be feared by the neighbors more than the other way around), I tend to side with Gidget that holding a protest where it is most visible is likely to do the most good...

There are certain exceptions of course, including:
1) Alerting the intended recipent of the protest (Judy Cameron) to the atrocitices being committed.
2) Alerting the neighbors of the intended recipepent to the atrocities being committed by their neighbor.

I'm taking a guess that Judy is well-aware of what she is doing. Whether she believes it to be right/wrong, a neighborhood protest is unlikely to stop her (directly).

In regards to the neighbors, if, once they become informed, they try to help educate and, if needed, ostracisze their neighbor, that would work also. Depending on how many protests have taken place, if the neighbors are still violating the protesters rights, I would say this has also become a dead-end.

Therefore, it would seem to take the next approach: letting the faculty at OHSU (and others on the hill), along with the general public know.

Just my $0.02 -- FWIW, I'd be willing (depending on when) to protest either at the home-site, or at OHSU itself. (I do believe however in attempting to get the biggest bang for the buck -- it would seem that, short of a newscrew coming out, going directly to OHSU would be more successful.)

What about the cats and dogs? 22.Feb.2006 15:02


Is there any group or organization who is monitoring the cat and dog labs at OHSU?

Gidget - I can't even figure out 22.Feb.2006 21:04


what you're referring to. The protest was at a church where a vivisector was speaking. Not at a home. Here's an idea...don't like home protests? Don't go to them! They aren't really happening here anyway, so I wouldn't exactly worry about this. But it can be irritating to see people trashing other protesters regardless; if you have an idea, get involved and do something yourself rather than telling others how to do their activism.

Protestin' 23.Feb.2006 07:42


I was commenting on posting her home address at the top of this thread about actions.
Damn right a talk in a church is fair game for a protest, as that is a public event.

The difference being 23.Feb.2006 08:27


Cameron's home address has been posted numerous times previously so it is not a big deal. Home demonstrations and printing public information is far less threatening than OHSU arresting,following,harassing,evicting from property and keeping secret files on suspected activists. At least during home demonstrations the accused has the opportunity to confront their accusers whereas the secret files are not made available to the suspects and the misinformation they contain is not subject to correction.