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SHAC 7 Trial-Week 2

The SHAC 7 trial is now in full swing, and the government is expected to rest its case on Tuesday. Then the defense will begin.
Please check  http://www.SHAC7.com for regular weekly updates and information on how you can help. Here's a report from the first week of trial:

>>Monday, February 13, 2006

The SHAC 7 trial kicked off February 6th, with a strong protest of about 80-100 people, despite attempts by Homeland Security to prevent the demonstration from happening.

The first week of trial is now over and the case is moving along quite fast. Jury selection started Monday and the full jury was picked by Tuesday afternoon.

The prosecutor, Charles McKenna, opened with a dramatic, yet dull statement, that dragged on for 30 minutes. Each of the defense attorneys had time to make opening statements, calling attention to the gross misrepresentations in the governments opening, as well as the fact that these defendants are on trial for nothing more than reporting on the actions of others.

The week saw approximately 15 witnesses for the government, including the Huntingdon Life Sciences' Managing Director Brian Cass and other HLS employees. Despite allegations by the government that the SHAC USA site was "causing" people to take direct action against these employee's homes, most testified that either nothing illegal had happened at their homes or that their home addresses had not been posted on the SHAC USA website prior to any direct action. Of course, none could say that any of the defendants had done anything illegal to them.

The highlight of the week is when the government called a 20 year old activist from Ohio who was "caught" participating in an electronic civil disobedience (ECD) (the act of visiting a website with special software designed to overflow a server's bandwidth and effectively crash the site) and who sent black faxes. Undoubtedly, the government expected him to testify that SHAC USA and/or its website caused him to do these things. Instead, he repeatedly said he learned about it from other places, participated in the actions on his own freewill, and none of the defendants had anything to do with his actions. When asked why he had sent the black faxes, he said that he was angry after watching the undercover footage at HLS where workers are hurting beagles.

Trial is moving quickly and is expected to conclude by Mid-March. If you are in the Trenton area, stop by to watch and support the defendants.

The trial is at the Federal Courthouse in Trenton, NJ on the 4th floor (Judge Anne Thompson) from 9 am-5 pm everyday. You cannot bring ANY electronic devices into the courtroom and must show a photo ID to enter the courthouse. All supporters are asked to please dress appropriately for court.

For more information on Stop Huntington Life Sciences, visit  http://www.shacamerica.net/.
Not going as well as is implied 20.Feb.2006 18:07


The SHAC defendants need your support and good thoughts. I spoke to a friend this week who is one of the accused, and it seems that the trial has not been going well. A combination of a weak defense team and a rabid willingness to ignore the US Constitution in order to sacrifice people on the altar of the Corporate Police State has given my friend the sense that he will soon be packed off to prison. This is soooo, so wrong. Everyone knows this is wrong. And yet, like the war, like Abu Ghraib, like police violence, like deforestation, like animal testing...we just keep letting it continue. When will we finally stand up and take back the power that is ours?

In The Minds 22.Feb.2006 01:22


In the minds of these wacked out police state lovers it's alright to jail people for their beliefs, or for acting out on their beliefs. Riot cops are just the most visable form of this repression of the free mind, this farce of a trial ranks just below it, and the lowest form of repression of the free mind is corporate and state television.

Free Your Mind! Smash The Screens!

Shac 7...sacrificial lambs 12.Mar.2006 23:24

Jewell Maida Jewelltx@aol.com

Such a shame...again, we see government siding with big money corporations at the expense of compasionate, well intended citizens, trying to do what they can to save poor, helpless, voiceless animals from being horrendously tortured and killed because our government won't. It's common knowledge that an animals system and DNA is different from humans. (i.e., chocolate kills dogs, humans can't consume enough) Why else would one get so involved? Certainly, there is no money in it for them, instead, it's costing them money, time, and stress just to do what our government won't do.

defense of the innocent animals and creatures 10.Jul.2006 13:48


My questions are these,,,,why can we not get a proper investigation and after there was clear evidence of much wrongdoing at H.L.S.,,,Huntingdon Life Sciences,,,,according to the released video footage(hidden),,,,by two peta activists,,,,,,,showing heinous abuses of animals inside the walls of this supposed animal testing facility,,,,,,,and evidence by the physicians committee for reponsible medicine conclusions,,these tests are not necessary for testing medications and,,,,,evidence,,much!,,that most animals are tested on by the cosmetic industrys, pressuring to get their products out to market by this facility,,,,,,, tortureous testing,,,,on dogs,, cats,,,,,and other creatures,,that leave them serverely burned,hurt,,,,disfigured,,dead,,,, We must stop this now!!,,,,,,in continued peacefull resistance,,,,,.