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Wednesday: Grand Jury Roadshow @ Liberty Hall

I'm pleased to announce that tonight's Grand Jury Roadshow event at Laughing Horse Books was a success, with the venue filled well above seating capacity. If you missed the roadshow tonight, the good news is that it will be in Portland again this Wednesday, February 22nd, at Liberty Hall in North Portland (event starts at 7PM, 311 N. Ivy St.). Come along, educate yourself, and get active!
Grand Jury Roadshow - Liberty Hall flyer
Grand Jury Roadshow - Liberty Hall flyer
Download the event flyer (.pdf format) and share it with you friends.

Full roadshow press release follows.


Is this Justice?
How far can they go?
How far have they gone?
What do you have to lose?

Come to an educational forum on Grand Juries, criminal prosecution, and the use of confidential informants presented by Attorney Lauren Regan of the Civil Liberties Defense Center. Learn the facts about the legal system and what rights citizens have in the face of a growing police state that is based on political whim more than a desire for safe communities or justice. Come hear how grand juries and snitches deny your rights, disrupt political movements, and destroy communities. How will current events impact your community?

The law is sometimes a confusing foreign language. The Civil Liberties Defense Center strives to help explain complex legal processes so that anyone can understand current events and how the law works. This roadshow will focus on how law enforcement traditionally solves crimes by discussing the tools used: simple observation of what can be seen in plain view, public information, or interviewing suspects, neighbors or employers. We will also discuss the use and abuse of tools such as grand jury investigations where a person is forced to testify to the government and grand jurors in a courtroom without the assistance of counsel. Even more chilling is the growing use of government informants—people who are either paid by the government or will receive a significant reduction in a serious jail sentence for their "cooperation." This "cooperation" often results in false trial testimony and unjust convictions.

As the federal government covets additional powers and declares our nation in a perpetual "war on terror," come learn about some current cases in our country and learn how and why our most basic rights are disintegrating. Domestic spying, the [Un]PATRIOT Act, and insane state legislation all harken to the dark days of the McCarthy era and Cointelpro. Knowledge is power. Power to the people.

February 22
N. Portland
Liberty Hall, 311 N. Ivy St., 7-9pm

For more information, contact the Civil Liberties Defense Center at 541-687-9180 or  info@cldc.org. Our website is www.cldc.org.

homepage: homepage: http://www.cldc.org

stand up and fight back 19.Feb.2006 10:08


i was fortunate enough to catch the talk at laughing horse last night.i would strongly recommend those who have not yet heard this trio of well informed women speak to attend the next session.it was truly an eye opener as to how this country has declined and our civil liberties have been ripped away from us.

[ 19.Feb.2006 19:08


I was also at the presentation last night and it is worth attending the next one. It is frank, informative, positive and sensible. Everyone needs to learn their rights, understand how they might be targeted by the feds.

It does not matter if you have done or are planning on doing something 'illegal' or if your activities are just 'legal'. The history of this country is full of people who have done nothing but organize for basic rights, for better working conditions, who have been targeted by their government.

Every person who does any sort of activist work should learn the ways in which the government seeks to destroy their work, and sometimes their lives.


speak up 19.Feb.2006 21:32


It does not matter if you do something illegal or not. The feds target those who are effective. If you are effective, regardless of means, the government will try to silence you. It has used covert means of infiltration, disruption of groups and organizations, campaigns of disinfo designed to break trust, foster fear, shut people up. When the covert campaigns are not effective enough, the government will become overt. It has not qualm about murdering activists.

Everyone needs to know their rights, how they can best protect themselves, because the government is not going to stop until it is made to stop.

There is an impulse in people to think that if they just act better, do nothing illegal, follow the rules that it will be okay. This is not true. Speak up. If you are followed, approached, given a grand jury summons etc, the best thing is to speak up loudly about it. Post here, talk to people.

Government oppression lives in the dark. It wants to drag people into the dark. It wants people to hide. It counts on people saying little, clamming up, being afraid to tell. The more it is dragged into the light, the better. Stu Sugarman gave some good advice. See what the government wants you to do, then don't. It wants you to be quiet. speak up. This is the best defense.

help with directions 20.Feb.2006 18:43

to liberty hall

i have been to liberty hall before but it has been a long time.

can someone give me some bus directions to liberty hall?

i think i can take the no. 33 fremont bus from downtown, but i don't know where to get off or what direction to go once i leave the bus.

any help would be appreciated.

bus directions to liberty hall 20.Feb.2006 19:03


To the person who wanted bus directions to Liberty Hall, the best way of finding out a suitable route is through the trip planner at www.trimet.org . Simply enter where you're departing from, the the destination (Liberty Hall is at 311 N. Ivy), and your departure time.

You'll be told the quickest bus route, and can click on a link to get walking directions from there.

Hope you'll be able to make it!

Grand Juries, Snitches and Spies 25.Feb.2006 00:03

Sixpack wabc@mutualaid.org

I went to Liberty Hall and took two friends. We all took a lot home with us from the forum. I have probably emailed back and forth with several who were there, but have never seen anyone face to face. What a feeling.

All I have to add is this:

Trash Can Troopers
by Sixpack

If the local police are diving into your trash cans, perhaps you should help them out in their search for evidence. Here are some suggestions for all concerned citizens who want to help streamline police investigations and evidence gathering.

Do your civic duty as a neat and tidy citizen and always pick up trash you find on the streets during the day. Handle these items with care, so as not to smudge any finger prints that may be on them, and toss them into YOUR trash cans. They will surely appreciate your efforts in helping them identify all those people.

Discarded cigarette butts are unsightly and ugly when thrown on sidewalks, so always pick up as many as you can, and toss these into YOUR trash cans. Each butts is a trove of DNA samples, and at several hundred dollars per test, the police will really look like they are accomplishing great deeds by testing such a large number of items. (let them worry about the funding)

Partially consumed foods left in dumpsters, at bus stops and other places are open invitations for rats and other vermin---so pick these up and throw them in YOUR trash cans. The police forensics DNA guy will love the work he will have testing all the saliva samples.

Don't let "Rover" and "Kitty Cat" go unrepresented in your trash cans. Rover's old soup bones and Kitty's catnip clippings deserve to get tested too. Also, if some feces or urine happen to get into YOUR trash can, then all the better. The lab techs probably needed a little change anyway.

When throwing any of YOUR OWN butts or leftovers in your trash, you must bleach YOUR items before you toss them in the can. Bleach destroys DNA and drug residues from samples, and you'll avoid wasting too much lab time or confusion over testing familiar items.

Wipe all cans, bottles, containers and plastics down before tossing them into the trash (don't forget the recyclables). You will help keep a neat and tidy treasure chest for police to hunt in. If in doubt---Bleach it out!

Always burn your old letters, documents and other mail if you can. At the very least, shred them well and then bleach them. Remember, a clean trash can is a happy trash can, and happiness is saving our tax dollars on dry-cleaning police uniforms.

Using a video camera to commemorate your trash can troopers is a must-they deserve all the credit and notoriety they can get, and they deserve to be in the spotlight in full color, if possible. WE STAND BEHIND OUR POLICE! (where it's the safest)

I hope they do it again soon,