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I need a 28-gauge shot gun and some measuring equipment.

Cheney fired a 28-gauge shotgun, a small-bore weapon commonly used for hunting birds, when he blasted his victum. Can we prove he was closer than the 30 yards claimed in the offical report?
Cheney shot the guy with a 28-gauge shot gun. Those weapons have a skatter pattern that is measurable. Based on where the pellets hit the other guy, we can make a statement about their distance apart. We need a tape measure and a shot gun. They claim 1/3 of all the pellets hit the lawyer. That's a heck of a shot if you ask me. I wonder how close you'd REALLY have to be to make a shot like that.

If you'd like to do this experiment, post an email and let's get in touch. Or steal all my fame, set up the experiment yourself and issue a press release. Either way let's do a little science.
check it out 18.Feb.2006 15:05



link for you

Harry Whittington Shooting Ballistics Tested, Cheney shot at Whittington from 15 feet not 90 as claimed

 link to www.infowars.com

Trigger Happy AKA V.P. 18.Feb.2006 18:49


Okay Dick we know the secret service took away your gun and won't let you play any more, but do you think you can fool us into giving you another one?

Vince Foster 18.Feb.2006 18:52


The Whittington shooting is the same as the Vince Foster shooting, both lawyers with powerful clients:

Vince Foster had evidence in his safe that would have landed the Clintons in jail. Lewinsky would have been the least of their worries. Once Foster was out of the picture, his safe was emptied, evidence removed - end of problem.

Unfortunately for Chenney, Whittington did not die - not of a gun shot wound, not of a heart attack. Without a doubt he possesses information that could sink Chenney for good. I suspect Whittington will be dead and out of the picture soon. Will the Chenney evidence be found?

Shotgun Knowledge 18.Feb.2006 19:19


When hunting with shotguns, shooters typically use what's called a "choke" to control the spray pattern. Chokes fit onto the end of the barrel and change the shape of the shot pattern dramatically--for example, bird hunters typically want a wider pattern when shooting at flocks vs. individual birds.

So, simply finding a 28-guage gun (which are pretty rare and expensive to begin with) will show you very little unless you find one with the same barrel length and choke that Cheney was using--information that as far as I know has not been publicly released.

jason, you are correct 19.Feb.2006 00:14


I believe cheney was much closer than 30 yards. But to really be exact you would need the same make and model. Cheney used an Italian Perazzi that as best I can find on the web comes in a set of 4 for $340,000 dollars. The low end Perazzi's start at about $9400. So taking a Wal-mart mossberg out to the local quarry and doing a half-ass test, you will get half-ass results.

When I use to hunt, my friend who had a good paying job at the time had a deer gun (12 gauge) with a $700 barrel on it. My shotgun (a 12 gauge remington 870) made for deer hunting cost $250 for the entire weapon. my friend was able to get an additional 30 yards at whatever he aimed at because of the barrel. So I'm sure an $85K shotgun with a full choke has a pretty tight pattern.

But once again, I still believe cheney was much closer than 30 yards. I have no idea why they would say 30 yards and stick to that story unless they actually meant 30 feet and didn't want to reverse their stories to cause more problems. Who knows.

Dick: Armed and "Loaded" 19.Feb.2006 00:34

library mouse

Was it said somewhere that his weapon was given to him as a gift? What is the threshold value for reporting gifts to elected federal officials?

Its description (model #, serial #) and characteristics might be in the public record. Knowing the model # alone might be enough to get a physical description.

It's in the "press" that it's an Italian Perazzi 28 gauge.

Knowing Dick, everything else about it is probably classified until the year 2206.

Here's the Perazzi catalog page for its 28 gauge model:


smoking gun - no pun 19.Feb.2006 07:41


the police report with model and serial number is on the smoking gun website. that's how I found out the model. Then I did a search for price of the weapon. like I said a few hits came back. This shotgun is the Maybach of guns, actually a Maybach might be cheaper.

This is the story the plastic bimbo press (if they had any brains) should be pushing. This is not an NRA joe 6-pack shotgun.

On second thought, there is no reason for them to bring it up, because anybody who really cares already knows whats going on from reading the web.

chokes and patterns: some hard data 19.Feb.2006 07:58

Remington winchester

Percent of pellets hitting in a 30 in circle at 40 yards:
O'Connor classification:
Cylinder - 35 - 40%
Skeet #1 - 35 - 40%
Imp Cylinder - 45 - 50%
1/4 ch/Sk. #2 - 50 - 55%
Modified - 55 - 65%
Imp. Modified - 65 - 70%
Full choke - 70 - 80%

American Standard choke

Cylinder .000 in 40%
Skeet .005 in 53%
Imp. Cylinder .010 in 57%
Modified .020 in 67%
Imp Modified .030 in 73%
Full choke .040 in 75%

Shot Number Diameter Approx # of pellets/ounce
12 .05 2385
11 .06 1380
10 .07 870
9 .08 585
8 .09 410
7 1/2 .095 350
6 .11 225
5 .12 170
4 .13 135
2 .15 90
Air Rifle .175 55
BB .18 50

Shot Number Diameter Approx # of pellets/pound
#4 Buck .24 340
#3 Buck .25 300
#1 Buck .30 175
#0 Buck .32 145
#00 Buck .33 130

For Quail hunting, 7-1/2 or smaller shot and a modified choke would be appropriate, and a 28 gauge typically throws a shot charge in the 3/4 to 1 oz range. 1/3 of the shot hitting the target would be consistent with a modified choke using a dead center hold on the chest at 30 yards or greater.

If it were Harry Whittington that Pulled the trigger?????????????????? 19.Feb.2006 09:19


I think it would be a shame to see the corperate media circus devower Him, Whittington as a GOP Liberal, No matter what the situation with Cheney is, Has a Lot to be thankfull for thats for sure????

Was the gun really $85,000?!! 19.Feb.2006 12:14

Trigger Happy

Great work IndyFolks! While it looks like 1/3 of the pellets were reasonably lodged into Cheney's target given scatter patterns, that $85,000 dollar quote is shocking. How do we verify that? Couldn't the Air America attack dogs bludgeon the air waves with the shame and inequity such an expensive weapon contains? Does anyone have his receipt?
Cheney - Don't Shoot!
Cheney - Don't Shoot!

Trigger Happy, verify it by ordering one.. :-) 19.Feb.2006 20:15


After A found the model, I googled it and found a forum were some hunters were creaming themselves about getting a set of 4 (12, 20, 28, and 410 gauges) if they won the lotto or something.. The quote was $341K and change.


a used Perazzi 19.Feb.2006 20:31


here is a used 28 gauge Perazzi, it seems they don't hold their value well. Its only $29,500


not to let the otherside totally off the hook 19.Feb.2006 20:41


to be fair, John Kerry blows about that much money on a ski-vacation.

Dick was choking his what? 20.Feb.2006 05:13

rather not say

So to get that small a shot group Dick must have been choking his chicken.. I mean Gun.. uh explosive projectile instrument?