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International Day Against Video Surveillance: update

with one month to go, we offer the following update

With one month to go until 19-20 March 2006, which this year marks an international day against video surveillance (IDAVS), we offer the following update.

1. Our call to action (see below) has been adopted by six groups and translated into Greek, Turkish, Farsi, Italian, French and German.

2. We have also been contacted by anti-surveillance activists in Switzerland (Big Brother Awards), Australia (Perth group), Germany (Leipziger Kamera) and Greece (Antiauthoritarian Movement - Assembly of Salonica).

3. We are, of course, still seeking co-signers, translators, collaborators, et al.

19-20 March 2006

an international day against video surveillance


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We, the undersigned, are unconditionally opposed to the use of video surveillance cameras in public places. We are also opposed to the use of surveillance cameras that, though installed in privately owned places, are actually used to surveill the public. We believe that both types of cameras, in addition to being useless in the "wars" on crime and terrorism, are tools that are all-too-frequently used to violate our rights to privacy, anonymity, dignity and political dissent.

Cameras are not the only threats to our rights. Government agencies and private security firms also use wiretaps, bugs, GPS transponders, RFID chips, computers dedicated to data gathering, retention and "mining," etc. But we choose to focus on video surveillance cameras because they are the most visible manifestations of the emerging surveillance society.

On the first day of Spring (19-20 March) 2006, we will live an international day against video surveillance (or IDAVS, for short). During this IDAVS, we will act autonomously in our own communities to:

1. show our opposition to the video surveillance of public places; we will do this according to our own sense of what is appropriate in our community;

2. educate the general public about the reality and dangers of the video surveillance of public places; and

3. encourage others to get involved in this project, either immediately or in the future.

Please join us! Email SCP(at)notbored.org.

New announcements, local contact information, and documentation will be posted to this very page.

Please reproduce and distribute this press release freely. If possible, please translate it into other languages.


Arizona Surveillance Camera Players (Arizona, USA)

Beyond Surveillance (Chicago, USA)

New York Surveillance Camera Players (NYC, USA)

Nobese Surveillance Camera Players (Istanbul, Turkey)

Vilnius Surveillance Camera Players (Vilnius, Lithuania)

WOMBLES (London, UK)

last update: 17 February 2006

address: address: http://www.notbored.org/IDAVS.html