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In response to current economic conditions and the plight of working families in the United States, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Police Officers Association ( DHSPOA ) recently sought out benefit programs that would help Security Police Professionals Nationwide. One such program we found was the UNION PLUS BENEFITS PROGRAM.

Union Plus is brought to you by Union Privilege,established by the AFL-CIO to provide consumer benefits to
members and retirees of participating AFL-CIO labor unions.

Because the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Police Officers Association ( DHSPOA) is not a labor organization we have made special arrangements for DHSPOA members to participate in the UNION PLUS BENEFITS PROGRAM through the United Steelworkers of America's Associate Member program.

A real advantage that union members have always enjoyed is a package of comprehensive benefits for themselves and their families.

Now DHSPOA Members can join the Steelworkers as an Associate Member and get access to union-only benefits like confidential workplace assistance, health care savings, job training and educational opportunities, and other features designed to safeguard workers' rights and protect you families' economic future. You'll also be eligible for discounts on travel, entertainment, rental cars, computers, wireless service and much more

You'll join over 500,000 other Steelworkers in fighting to advance the well-being of ordinary citizens across the country. You'll become a part of a powerful force that will give students, working people and the middle-class the clout to go head-to-head with the corporate special interests that now dominate our country.

You'll help build a dynamic new movement to organize statewide and national campaigns to end the senseless exportingn jobs, form "blue-green" (labor and environmental) alliances, guarantee healthcare, press for fair treatment of working families everywhere and a whole lot more.

The USW has been at the forefront of the fight against the abuses of corporate power that have robbed working people of their retirement savings and outsourced American jobs. We have a long and proud tradition of allying with progressive forces for economic and social justice around the world.

This category of membership represents a new direction in the labor movement. For the better part of a century, American trade union membership has been limited to workers in designated collective bargaining units. Now, the Steelworkers are opening our ranks to anyone who shares our commitment to the welfare's working people.

Many of these union benefits can be yours even if you don't work in a union shop - and even if you currently don't have a job! Below are some of the benefits they have to offer.* Pre-paid legal benefits reqiure monthly fee and is provided by a third party not associated with Union Plus Benefit Package

Health Savings
Retail and mail order prescriptions
Dental care services
Vision care
Foot and ankle care
Hearing care
Diabetic supplies
Nurse hotline
Health Club Discounts
Credit Card
Union-Made Checks
Credit Counseling
Your Credit Score
Online Tax Service
Accident Insurance
Life Insurance
Pet Insurance
Education Services
Goodyear Tire & Service Discount
Mortgage & Real Estate
Moving Discount
Home Heating Oil Discounts
Legal Service
Pre Paid Legal Benefits*
Flower Discount
Powell's Bookstore
Clothing Discounts
Travel & Recreation
Entertainment Discounts
Car Rental Discounts
Worldwide Vacation Tours
Cruise Discounts
Travel Center
Dell Computer Discounts
Cingular Wireless Discount
Internet Service Discount

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