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"Eye of the Storm" Video Available Online

Eye of the Storm uses video footage shot by the police to confirm how the police target citizens engaged in constitutionally protected acts of protest for harassment, assault, and arrest. The police, by their own admission, assault law-abiding protesters without provocation then lie about being provoked. These lies were carried and repeated ad-nauseum by the corporate media without any regard for the truth. The corporate media is shown being complicit, even supportive, of flagrant police misconduct. Those perceived as "leaders" by the police are often singled out for surveillance, assault, and arrest regardless of the fact that those individuals have broken no laws and committed no crimes. The police kept this footage despite laws prohibiting the collection of information on individuals engaged in political dissent. The police stated that activist video footage only told one "side" of the story, now everyone can see the other "side".
The Eye of the Storm
The Eye of the Storm

To download these files you will need a bittorent client (though http and/or ftp downloading may be made available in the future).

The Eye of the Storm - Higher Quality Video (149MB)

The Eye of the Storm - Lower Quality Video (32MB)

For a more detailed description of the video you can read the article Portland Police Surveillance Video to be Released to Public by PDX Indy Video Collective.

homepage: homepage: http://indytorrents.org/

http and ftp downloads 14.Feb.2006 14:50


You should be able to download from  http://archive.org here:


Get Down! 15.Feb.2006 06:42

Great job, Indytorrents!

Thanks for doing this. :-)

Anyone who doesn't think we live in a police state needs to see this. Anyone who is not aware that the corporate media works for their machine should see this.

nice work 15.Feb.2006 19:20


I just been watching the film
You work with this material.


cool! 20.Feb.2006 04:59

can't wait to check out this film

can't wait to check out this film, but in the meantime I still need to download codecs to see it :-( (divx-15 day trial & xvid)
Would it be psosible to make future productions more readily playable from all platforms without needing to install stuff (Vp3, divx, xvid)?


watching movies 27.Feb.2006 10:34


Just d/l the VLC player -- it works nicely for everything, and it's free.  http://www.videolan.org/

software needed to view movie 12.Mar.2006 16:05


in reply to the comment "cool!"

You don't need a DivX 15 day trial AND xvid to watch this video, and you don't need to install a new player.
You need to install a divX or xvid codec. It's really not that difficult. You can install the (free) DivX player from  http://www.divx.com/divx/play/
or the xvid codec from here:

Please don't ask people to produce material in proprietary formats and don't let yourself fall into the trap of thinking that it has to work with microsoft's tools.

Promote free software!
If you don't know how, then learn how, and then show others. so don't anyone be put off downloading, it's well worth it, even if you have to install a piece of software, which will only open up a whole world of video to you anyway.