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Cc boom yah ( for t-bone)

Cee/You may take Iraq/Watching your blindside/There will be payback for this genocide/overcome your terror stories like hamas to new palestine/Damage the spot/slammin cocktails into neubautens/Final call to cry/Bombs tagged all round the surface/175, 000, 000 million speak the language/And practice with confidence
Unner Stated (Down Pressin) acapella
Unner Stated (Down Pressin) acapella
Cc boom yah ( for t-bone)

Cc boom yah

Fill the spoon fluid and ccs jib diluted in alchemick criz to flow with you and down time tempo tracks run it along the scales by the first bar in the front of an elbow.

On the couch the trax pant woofers shake and moan
tbone snaps side stripes hard hubs flagged in as his baby lounges beside him stripped to the ankles his head on the bones lap...

Watch him stop and change his socks next to the trash box at micky's.

Suit up and lace up ya boots and count the loads in the clip. The liquid jake is juice in the bottles, and the nation of millions go boom
Boyah move the crew


Let's go

What you do?
What you do?
Who you?
Hookin up as an anarchist crew
Hoodies/aerosol bombs and maskies
You may take Iraq
Watching your blindside
There will be payback for this genocide
overcome your terror stories like hamas to new palestine
Damage the spot/slammin cocktails into neubautens
Final call to cry
Bombs tagged all round the surface
175, 000, 000 million speak the language
And practice with confidence
Disrupting battles
And spittin sessions on street corners
Bustin labels
Hassle the hustle
Handing out rap records to the needy
I'll free rolas
Burning mp3's
Crashing the lyrical greedy
Downlow the download.
Steppin heavy to knock need bullies
Here's a line
Come beg me for more
Kidnapping MC$ and force feeding them tweaters with Dee Dee and
We roll with Wildboys on a roads to motivation
Dizzy the set with sudden destruction
Aural invasion
Roam the wasteland of U.I. MCs
All doled up/spittin cvs
Out to slangers and pizza joints
Here's my point
Crash muthafuccah/crash
Thrash your ego with spits over mento
Music step deep in the anarchy hepster poetry
Bump a beatnik for the North American Commie
What come to party?
Do we still got an ecomony?
Check the peoples
They giving your wax the axe it disserves
How far can you throw
Grenades of tough learning
Exploding the market crash
Check my flow sheet
In this treaty of pure unpredictability
Fuck the passive
I'm outy
All wi doin is attackin
Pato Bantu and his opinion
Exploding the unconscious
What come against us
The bastard seeds of Mulroney
Campbell and Reagan
Push Bush in the cruise
Are you ready?
He'll crack you
Outdo the union
Spitting missiles in that discussion
Ducking in every direction
On our island
Who gon crash the gentrification
There's an overground meaning
Born to X-pand this generation

"...to me it's putting an equal sign between the opressed and the oppressor; "it's all the same" and that's why it's so problematic. because there is no equal sign between the defensive violence of the oppressed and the agressive violence of the oppressor. one has nothing to do with the other" -- Joyce Chediac



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