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Thursday, Feb 16 @ 9:30a - Clackamas County Commissioners' Board Meeting - Call for Citize

To honor the dead and protect the living, citizens will be gathering and speaking @ the Clackamas County Commissioners' Board Meeting - Thursday, Feb 16 @ 9:30a.
A plan born at a rally for a young man, Fouad Kaady, gunned down by police as he suffered, naked and burned... people have pledged to retake control of their local purveyors of lethal force, to stand and demand a system that serves them, protects them, doesn't kill their children.

In the words of another Indymedia reporter, "Cops cannot be allowed to police themselves... [They] will do pretty much as their bosses require, and their bosses are us... in the long run, if we require them to answer to civilians, they will do so."

Another citizen elaborates, "Just to point out the obvious, as long as [cops] are walking our streets with guns in their hands and 'procedures' as nebulous as theirs, we ALL risk taking bullets in the performance of our daily routines. Because until we take back control over the police forces we are paying for, any one of us could be their next victim... We need to reclaim our own power over the people we have hired 'to serve and protect' our community. We do not need to ask them for this power, we need to take it."

Here is the address for the meeting. Be there by 9:30 so you can add your name to the list if you wish to speak. Each person has 3 minutes. Just being there is the action!

Clackamas County Commissioners
2051 Kaen Road
Oregon City, OR 97045
Phone: (503) 655-8581
Fax: (503) 742-5919

If you cannot attend the meeting, please call the Clackamas County Commissioners office @ (503) 655-8581 between 9a-11a to tell them what you think of their "procedures" and what needs to happen next.


Commissioners' schedule, statement about the conditions of citizen comment, and the availability of videos of commissioners' meetings:  http://www.co.clackamas.or.us/bcc/ag_sch.htm


Any injustice the system fails to punish, we must regard as the intent of the system.
thanks to those who stood up 16.Feb.2006 20:45


I felt a little intimidated by the formality of the setting there, just because I'm not used to such things and I didn't end up speaking up, but I heartily respect those of you who did, and wanted to let you know that you were eloquent, passionate, and above all uncompromising on our shared principles and the truth of this matter. If nothing else (and I'm pretty sure there are other effects coming out of this) the echoes of your voices and of Fouad Kaady's death will haunt the sleep of those commissioners and the sherriff will feel you water warming up around him.

I thought it was good that the information was made public record that the Kaady's car has still not been returned to them (is the sherriff hiding evidence that they could used against his dept??) and that the FBI's Civil Rights Task Force can be demanded to investigate the incident (I personally have no qualms at turning this weapon on its own, if it will shoot)...

Thanks again to the folks who made it from all over the place to stand together. The randomness of our assortment of people just goes to show the inhumanity that happened, that we can all recognize.

More info please? 17.Feb.2006 01:02

Madam Hatter

Thanks for your comments j. But can someone please post more info about what happened today for those of us unable to attend? Thanks.