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Operation Ram-Through ...same old games we don't have to buy into

this is anti-copyright art. use it in your media if you want. Boosh, the primary domestic figurehead, keeping the national resources--the American people--generally off-balance and fearing the worst...
Georgie Boosh takes to the streets
Georgie Boosh takes to the streets
Whether or not Boosh becomes King George (and re-convenes capital as lords over the area called the u.s.a.), there is no doubt that he is one in only a long succession of figureheads. Republicrat or Demoblican, the truth is, as Noam Chomsky has said, they're just more factions of a business party. A party held at the expense of the fooled.

Boosh and his "party" keep us believing, subordinating ourselves, buying into polytricks (politics) and all that comes along with such a big game. The more you accept it, the more you assume that such ways are the only ways to live, the more you will be tooled. And kept as a "valuable" resource... for now.

We are fooled and tooled to be utilized as mere objects and resources to carry out ground wars domestic and foreign. Ground wars? Non-combatant citizens? What?

"Our" entire society is organized to make war. Look at our everyday ways of perceiving--each other, ourselves: these are structures of war. We live in a war society. A 'chain-of-command' structured society, with state-subordinated 'authority' managing affairs wherever such value is perceived.

Inform yourself: Read John Taylor Gatto, Noam Chomsky, John Stockwell, Philip Agee, John Trudell, Raoul Vaneigem, Thomas Szasz, and the others on the webpage linked. Read and wake up to the big picture, beyond the "single issues"!

When you begin to see the over-arcing situation where all the single issue-type topics fit in quite snugly, then you can extricate yourself from the way in which we stupid-ized masses have perpetually gotten tripped up.

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