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corporate dominance

wild oat's executives get "incentive bonuses" 4 days before closing division

58,337 shares of stock were handed out worth $844,000 at today's stock price of 14.46.

almost 16,667 shares went to Perry Odak the CEO. that's worth $241,000.
notice the odd "666" configuration in the number of shares. weird.

shame, shame!

a classic example of corrupt executives taking a lukerative ride on the corporate gravy train at the expense of workers and local communities.

wild oats ceo makes 550k/year. whole foods ceo makes 115k/year. whole foods is roughly 4 times the size of wild oats. what gives?
More Corporate BS 14.Feb.2006 09:52

Robert J. Doe

Like pro ball players who are actually making a fortune doing something they enjoy, corporate giants do less work and too much finger pointing. Why aren't all the "little people", who have helped keep the damned doors of Wild Oats on Division open all these years, getting proper compensation. To my knowledge, they are either moving their place of employ to another Wild Oats, hiring on to competitor New Seasons or doing what I would do, saying f*** you and just up and quitting. Bring back Nature's. If the change had never occurred in the first place, this closure would most likely not be happening. And screw that myth that the New Seasons on Division is responsible!

the corporate monster exposed... again 14.Feb.2006 16:51


Maybe that ought to wake up those fools who still shop at Wild Oats and those who erroneously believe Wild Oats = Natures. Wild Oats is an evil corporate monster that gobbles up local independent stores around the country to kill the competition and because they wouldn't stand a chance to invade local markets in any other way.

Mover over Whole (paycheck)Foods, here comes New Zupans 16.Feb.2006 09:55

Brain Rohten & Stan Army

Brain Rohten & Stan Army

Our plan is working well.We had expected them to give in sooner,but there are too many bleeding heart liberals in Southeast,that still support,food stores that only carry Organic and natural foods and products.But when we have taken over the Portland food store ,market and got rid of Wildoats and Wholefoods, and those pesky little Copperative markets,the people will have no choice but to consume at our stores.
Oh and please stop referring to us as "New Zupans",it really upsets the staff. we like to think we came up with the concept of placing garbage,corporate foods next to Organic and natural in a bourgoise supermarket setting,so that the perception becomes a natural food store, and the consumers will pay more."Suckers".
Anyway sorry about the loss of jobs,but you should have joined the "Fiendliest Store In Town",instead of the enemy ,that's not even local.
Yes I know most of our products are not local,Blah,blah,blah....Also being that Mexico is so close to Portland, we are adding them to our Homegrown list, it's a short skip for our corporate jet..