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SHUT DOWN HLS: New Pink Sheets Market Maker for LSRI

Last Friday CRT joing The Vertical Group & Seaboard as market makers for HLS/LSRI on the pink sheets, attempting to buy shares in LSRI. Last year CRT traded over 100,000 shares in LSRI but seemed to lose interest in the stock after an action alert last June.
New Pink Sheets Market Maker for LSRI


Please remind CRT what a bad investment LSRI is, hence their lowly status on the pink sheets! As always all the emails are in blocks at the end of this alert so you can paste emails into your browser in blocks saving you sending emails individually.

All Tel & Fax numbers are for the USA.

Thank you and Good Luck.


Senior Management

Richard Piazza ?? Director of Operations Tel: 203.569.6423

Mark Merritt ?? Chief Financial Officer Tel: 203.569.4570

David Amster ?? Chief Compliance Officer Tel: 203.569.6441

Steve Bragg, Managing Director Tel: 203.569.6821 Fax: 203.569.6890

Fran Carr, Managing Director Tel: 203.569.6803 Fax: 203.569.6813

Christopher Chase, Managing Director Tel: 203.569.6824 Fax:

Bob Hastings, Managing Director Tel: 203.569.6804 Fax: 203.569.6814

Bob Lee, Managing Director Tel: 203.569.6801 Fax: 203.569.6811

Perry Lewis, Managing Director Tel: 203.569.6807 Fax: 203.569.6890

Michiel McCarty, Managing Director Tel: 203.569.6823 Fax:

Stephen P. Colman - Managing Director/Principal Tel: 203.569.6401

Frank R. Landsberger - Managing Director Tel: 203.569.6806

Doug Harvey - Managing Director Tel: 203.569.6825

George Bickerstaff - Managing Director Tel: 203.569.6826

Andrew Albert - Senior Vice President/Principal Tel: 203.569.6493

Gerard Bergeron - Senior Vice President Tel: 203.569.6489

Jason Bossard - Senior Vice President Tel: 203.569.6472

Donald D. Capelin - Senior Vice President /Principal Tel:

Tom Champion - Senior Vice President/Principal Tel: 203.569.6413

Michael Cherry - Senior Vice President Tel: 203.569.6459

William Cleary - Senior Vice President/President Tel: 203.569.6429

Evan R. Collins, III - Senior Vice President/Principal Tel:

James P. Concannon - Senior Vice President/Principal Tel:

William M. Denkin - Senior Vice President/Principal Tel:

Matthew M. Gourlay - Senior Vice President Tel: 203.569.6412

Nancy J. Hament - Senior Vice President/Principal Tel: 203.569.6402

Robert T. Hannigan - Senior Vice President/Principal Tel:

Darren Humphreys- Senior Vice President/Principal Tel: 203.569.6438

Steve Mazur - Senior Vice President/Principal Tel: 203.569.6415

Kevin Murphy ?? Senior Vice President Tel: 203.569.6448

Adam Ritzer - Senior Vice President Tel: 203.569.6474

Jed W. Stevens - Senior Vice President /Principal Tel: 203.569.6408

John Ward - Senior Vice President /Principal Tel: 203.569.6445

Edward Waters Jr. - Senior Vice President/Principal Tel: 203.569.6424

Taylor Watts - Senior Vice President/Principal Tel: 203.569.6443

Tack Simmons ?? Senior Vice President Tel: 203.569.6490

Tony Meyers ?? Senior Vice President Tel: 203.569.6488

James Wood - Senior Vice President Tel: 203.569.6407

Chris Pilder ?? Senior Vice President/Principal Tel: 203.569.6479

Edward Perley - Senior Vice President Tel: 203.569.6422

Patrick O??Malley ?? Senior Vice President/Principal Tel: 203.569.6484

Colin Ives - Senior Vice President Tel: 203.569.6403

James M. Clamage - Senior Vice President/Principal Tel: 203.569.6487

Sheryl R. Skolnick - Senior Vice President Tel: 203-569-4359

Kenneth L. Silver - Senior Vice President & Principal Tel:

Steven Ruggiero - Senior Vice President & Principal Tel: 203-569-4362

Gregory P. Miller - Senior Vice President Tel: 203-569-4358

Thomas C. Kaylor - Senior Vice President Tel: 203-569-4354

Leah Hartman - Senior Vice President & Principal Tel: 203-569-4352

Robert M. Goodman - Senior Vice President & Principal Tel:

Allison L. Bellini - Senior Vice President & Principal Tel:

Michael S. Axon - Senior Vice President & Principal Tel: 203-569-4355

Wensley Barker, III - Vice President/Principal Tel: 203.569.6437

John Coleman - Vice President Tel: 203.569.6477

Tim Manning ??Vice President/Principal Tel: 203.569.6405

Matthew McCloskey ??Vice President/Principal Tel: 203.569.6450

Joseph Pagano ??Vice President Tel: 203.569.6465

Tom Shea - Vice President/Principal Tel: 203.569.6432

Carel van der Merwe - Vice President Tel: 203.569.6462

Seth Alvord, Vice President Tel: 203.569.6834 Fax: 203.569.6890

Eric Seal, Vice President Tel: 203.569.6831 Fax: 203.569.6890

Charley Severs, Vice President Tel: 203.569.6833 Fax: 203.569.6890

C. Michael Vaughn Jr. - Managing Member Tel: 203.569.6430

Salvatore Abbatiello - Senior Vice President Tel: 203.569.6421

Christopher Beil - Senior Vice President/Principal Tel: 203.569.6416

Jacob T. Creem - Senior Vice President/Principal Tel: 203.569.6404

Daniel H. Leavy ?? Senior Vice President/Principal Tel: 203.569.6475

John Morneau ?? Senior Vice President/Principal Tel: 203.569.6411

Ray Rivers ?? Senior Vice President/Principal Tel: 203.569.6426

Kevin M. Ashley - Vice President/Principal Tel: 203.569.6425

Jonathan Brook - Vice President Tel: 203.569.6460

Anthony J. Cooper - Vice President/Principal Tel: 203.569.6483

Daniel J. Loughran - Vice President/Principal Tel: 203.569.6434

Douglas P. Rorech - Vice President/Principal Tel: 203.569.6418

Chris Weldon - Vice President/Principal Tel: 203.569.6428

Rob Van Keuren ?? Asst. Vice President/Principal Tel: 203.569.6420

Burton Welly ?? Asst. Vice President/Principal Tel: 203.569.6427

Christopher Young - Managing Member Tel: 203.569.4353

Mark I. S. van der Pluym - Associate Tel: 203-569-4319

Usman Tahir - Associate & Principal Tel: 203-569-4321

Jessica Sielicki - Associate Tel: 203-569-4322

Jennifer Sielicki - Associate & Principal Tel: 203-569-4316

Kristin Milone - Associate Tel: 203-569-4315

J. Michael Davis - Associate Tel: 203-569-4317

Chris K. Chapple - Associate Tel: 203-569-4320

Joseph R. Stauff - Senior Vice President & Principal Tel:

Marcelo Menusso - Vice President Tel: 203-569-4364

Echo He - Vice President

Other Emails
Allen Keklik ?? Compliance Analyst Tel: 203.569.4561

Matthew Fishman, Analyst Tel: 203.569.6856 Fax: 203.569.6890

Ian MacAllister, Associate Tel: 203.569.6853 Fax: 203.569.6890

Rob Gibson, Associate Tel: 203.569.6857 Fax: 203.569.6890

Dan Mahoney, Associate Tel: 203.569.6851 Fax: 203.569.6890


Seth Alvord - General Enquires

Office Location for CRT

CRT Capital Group LLC
262 Harbor Drive
Stamford, CT. 06902

Tel: (203) 569-6400
Fax: (203) 569-6499

CRT Investment Banking
Tel: 203.569.6800
Fax: 203.569.6890

List of All Emails in This Action Alert:

 sbragg@crtllc.com,  fcarr@crtllc.com,  cchase@crtllc.com,  rhastings@crtllc.com,  rlee@crtllc.com,  pjlewis@crtllc.com,  mmccarty@crtllc.com,  scolman@CRTLLC.com,  aalbert@CRTLLC.com,  gbergeron@CRTLLC.com,  jbossard@CRTLLC.com,  dcapelin@CRTLLC.com,  tchampion@CRTLLC.com,  mcherry@CRTLLC.com,  wcleary@CRTLLC.com,  ecollins@CRTLLC.com,  jconcannon@CRTLLC.com,  bdenkin@CRTLLC.com,  mgourlay@CRTLLC.com,  salvord@crtllc.com

 flandsberger@crtllc.com,  dharvey@crtllc.com,  gbickerstaff@crtllc.com,  aadams@crtllc.com,  AKeklik@CRTLLC.com,  RPiazza@CRTLLC.com,  MMerritt@CRTLLC.com,  DAmster@CRTLLC.com,  tsimmons@CRTLLC.com,  tmeyers@CRTLLC.com,  jwood@CRTLLC.com,  cpilder@CRTLLC.com,  eperley@CRTLLC.com,  pomalley@CRTLLC.com,  cives@CRTLLC.com,  jclamage@CRTLLC.com,  jcyoung@CRTLLC.com,  mvanderpluym@crtllc.com,  utahir@crtllc.com,  jlsielicki@crtllc.com

 jsielicki@crtllc.com,  kmilone@crtllc.com,  jdavis@crtllc.com,  cchapple@crtllc.com,  jstauff@crtllc.com,  mmenusso@crtllc.com,  ehe@crtllc.com,  sskolnick@crtllc.com,  ksilver@crtllc.com,  sruggiero@crtllc.com,  gmiller@crtllc.com,  tkaylor@crtllc.com,  lhartman@crtllc.com,  rgoodman@crtllc.com,  abellini@crtllc.com,  maxon@crtllc.com,  nhament@CRTLLC.com,  bhannigan@CRTLLC.com,  dhumphreys@CRTLLC.com,  smazur@CRTLLC.com

 kmurphy@CRTLLC.com,  webmaster@CRTLLC.com,  aritzer@CRTLLC.com,  jstevens@CRTLLC.com,  jward@CRTLLC.com,  twaters@CRTLLC.com,  twatts@CRTLLC.com,  wbarker@CRTLLC.com,  jcoleman@CRTLLC.com,  tmanning@CRTLLC.com,  mmccloskey@CRTLLC.com,  jpagano@CRTLLC.com,  tshea@CRTLLC.com,  cvandermerwe@CRTLLC.com,  salvord@crtllc.com,  eseal@crtllc.com,  csevers@crtllc.com,  cmv@CRTLLC.com,  sabbatiello@CRTLLC.com,  cbeil@CRTLLC.com

 jcreem@CRTLLC.com,  rgibson@crtllc.com,  dleavy@CRTLLC.com,  jmorneau@CRTLLC.com,  rrivers@CRTLLC.com,  kashley@CRTLLC.com,  jbrook@CRTLLC.com,  acooper@CRTLLC.com,  dloughran@CRTLLC.com,  drorech@CRTLLC.com,  cweldon@CRTLLC.com,  dmahoney@crtllc.com,  rvankeuren@CRTLLC.com,  bwelly@CRTLLC.com,  mfishman@crtllc.com,  imacallister@crtllc.com