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Kevin Tubbs Detention Hearing Report

Kevin Tubbs was denied release on bail pending trial (Monday, Feb. 6th) in the US District Court in Eugene.

Magistrate Judge Coffin in his ruling stated that the charges are extreme and violent and that he rejects the notion that intent to only destroy property poses no threat to human beings. He said that time-delay devices were used and that all the defendants were very lucky that no one had been killed or they would be facing homicide charges. He said, "Arson is extremely violent." He said to Friedman that he found it ironic that "your client is cooperating" and that for the released defendants he had taken into account the far out date set for trial, but that Tubbs admits committing the crimes and therefore will not be released. He said one thing he may take into account which could change his mind was any pending plea agreements offered by the government. He recessed court and asked for counsel to meet at that time in his chambers to discuss possible deals. (Any deals made today should be available in public records soon.)
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