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is Bush about to say "...I love the smell of newclear in the Persian Gulf..."

It's about to be "show time" folks, as the U. S. Navy pulls all of it's Navy
vessels out of the Persian Gulf (excepting, of course, any submarines, ect.
that are on "secret duty") as the USS Theodore Roosevelt carrier group leaves
the area and as the USS Ronald Reagan carrier group stages in the Indian Ocean
for possible Iranian attack.

Naturally, if an attack take's place, the Iranians will quickly block the
Straits of Hormuz, locking up anything there prior for a long wait till it's

The chessboard find's itself arranging the piece's for next play in the GREAT
GAME...are you game for a game?

If NOT, then step-up protest efforts immediately and game the game so it can't
start due to all the gaming by unauthorized "gamisters"...be a gamister!

The United States Navy
The U. S. Navy: Around the world, around the clock

as of
February 13, 2006
The Navy Fact File contains complete descriptions of the roles and characteristics of Navy ships.
The make-up of a Carrier Strike Group (CSG)
The make-up of a Carrier Air Wing (CVW)
The make-up of an Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG)
shut up stupid charlotte 13.Feb.2006 13:50

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Be vewy vewy qwiet....I'm hunting tewwowists.

correct pronunciation 13.Feb.2006 20:47


"it's NUKE-ular ... NUKE-ular"

Dam the torpedos,or was it torpedo the dams? 04.Mar.2006 23:50


The Irianian's blocking the straits of Hormutz is sorta like us blocking the Mississippi river cause we dont like the Persian rug on the river boat Queen.What else do they have to sell,Oh ya I need a truckload of sand for my concrete patio in WINSLOW ARIZONA>GEE MABEY THIS IS WHERE THIS CORNER I"M STANDING ON CAME FROM?