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0213 am "Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for February 13th, 2006
1. Biofuel advocates Democrat John Kitzhaber and Republican Ben Westlund were on the losing side of a battle over tax incentives for producing alternative fuels like ethanol and vegetable. But they haven't backed down on the issue. Companies along the I-5 corridor that have made the switch are having an easier time finding the Mazola.
2. Scientists are also on o the trail. Cal. Institute of Technology is genetically engineering bugs and microbes designed to convert cellulose-dense plant matter into ethanol. (Sorry to 'harsh on your mellow' from the previous story... )
3. Zooplankton are what fuel salmon, it seems. The little guys live in the deep cold currents of the Pacific. But wait, the cold currents are warming up?
4. Oregon hospitals have been taking womens placentas without the new mothers knowledge or consent and sending them off to be analyzed for insurance purposes. (Wheeph... .what a relief, for a moment there I thought it was for dog food)
5. Andy Seaton covers a demonstration at a military recruiting center.
6. Universities are pronged on the horns of a perceived dilemma: If they get public funding does that mean that they have to remain immune to outside influence. (That's a dilemma? That's a no-brainer.)
7. Dignity Village is under fire because "residents can stay as long as they wish." Like the people who live in the West Hills. They too "stay as long as they wish". You don't see the City telling the Schnitzers to 'move along'... .
8. Dick Cheney shot a lawyer. He meant to shoot a quail, but you know... "mistakes were made"
9. Paul Pillar, former CIA official in charge of intelligence on the Middle East, present whistleblower (and future sitting duck, no doubt) is accusing the Bush Administration of manipulating the intelligence on Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction. Pillar said that a US occupation had "presented a picture of a political culture that would not provide fertile ground for democracy" (As it turns out, occupation provided ideal ground for fuel-injected screaming balls-out anarchy... ah well, can't win 'em all... )
10. In Los Angeles, the Hispanic versus Black Versus Hispanic violence continues. Another Black inmate has been killed. (Hmmm... maybe it has something to do with being poor, powerless and in jail... )
11. The first photograph of Bush in the company of Abramoff were published after the White House refused for weeks to release the images of them together (and before the White House propaganda machine got around to photo-shopping the pictures.)
12. The reports are in and even some Republicans say that the national response to Hurricane Rita and Katrina were a "national failure". (which it was in the traditional sense. In the brave new world of the Bush administration, the response to the hurricanes was just what the doctor ordered. So what if there was some publicity; it got the job done... )
13. Robert Grenier, the CIA's top counter terrorism official was fired alss week because he opposed detaining al-Qaeda suspects in secret prisons abroad. Others that chuffed Porter Goss are the 'leakers' in the Agency. In fact, since the appointment of Porter, the CIA has lost almost all its high-level directors with years of experience.
14. Strategists at the Pentagon are drawing up plans for devastating bombing raids backed-up by submarine-launched missile attacks against Iran (that is is the Israelis don't nuke Iran first and ruin all the fun).
15. Ritalin causes heart attacks (after all, it is prescription speed... )
16. Donald Rumsfeld is promising to strengthen military ties with North Africa. Because... .?
17. The US is helping to build a new interrogation and detention facility for al-Qaeda suspects.
18. British military police say they have arrested one man in their investigation of a video that showed soldiers viciously beating young Iraqi men. Meanwhile the violence in Iraq continues to escalate.
19. A lawyer for Saddam Hussein says that the US offered to let Hussein live in exile if he would use his influence to end the Iraqi resistance movement, aka: the insurgency.
20. The G-8 is meeting in Geneva to plan a meeting about a meeting. (Is it just me or does it seem like these guys are procrastinating?)
21. Other despots considering the bright side of exile: Nepal's King Gyenandra.
22. With oil exporters Venezuela and Mexico leading the parade, Latin America and the Caribbean posted a $100 billion dollar trade surplus with the United States in 2005. This year it has gone even higher. What happens when these creditors call in their markers? (And, no. exile is not an option... )