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Democracy 101

Once again Ringmaster Bush holds the burning hoop as his
favourite circus poodle jumps through the hoop.
Like the cartoons lampooning the Muslim prophet Mohammad, the video
showing British soldiers beating Iraqi women was created for the purpose
of further inflaming Muslim anger.

If you have watched the video on TV or your computer, you will notice that
while the camera operator is filming the staged event, there is a lack of
Iraqi people protesting the beating. This was pre-planned and staged in a
quiet area where the British military could conduct their operation without
interference and/or retaliation.

Obviously, the order for this military exercise came from 10 Dowing Street,
direct from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

well....vision this 13.Feb.2006 11:11

rockat hudson

Tony "Poodle" bLiar is dancing in parliament, singing "I'm having a very
yappy, yappy time."

correction 13.Feb.2006 12:18

gregory peckat

Listening to Daran Hagar the Snoreable on CNN this morning, she reported
that the beating victims were young women.
After watching CBC, the beating victims appeared to be young men.

News of the World 14.Feb.2006 01:42



Refers to the four as "teenagers", "youths", "he"/"his", and "boys". The frames shown look like boys.

It also refers to separate incidents involving a "man" and a "dead man".

The US government has, in the past few weeks, tried to present Europeans as more barbaric than itself.