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economic justice

We are losing the class war

Don't let corporate media feed you the stats that don't matter --

Econometric analysis of income and wealth inequality in the US show that the average American is no richer than the average European, despite much higher GDP per capita.

So, when they try to give you feed you crap about how well "we" are doing - don't believe it! There's a reason why you don't see in your own life - and it isn't that other parts of the country are doing better, unless "other parts" means the upper class.
An economist who blogs at Daily Kos has posted something about how bad it has gotten to be.

< Last summer, I wrote a diary with a number of graphs showing how a very small fraction of the population was capturing most of the income. A new study (again, by Thomas Piketty and Emmanuel Saez) was published this month ... which updates some of these graphs ... and they provide more relevant information.

< That graph above is pretty amazing in that it shows that the income of the very richest (we're talking about approximately 10,000 people here) has increased massively in the past 25 years - which is not unexpected - but that this increase has come mostly from the increase in salaries (which include bonuses and other forms of indirect compensation).

< This is part of the "winner take all" economy: the most successful top executives, traders, newscasters, sportspeople, etc... get huge incomes, which are larger by orders of magnitude than those of others in the same sector, simply because they are the best known and the most visible, and capture most of the loot (there's no other word). There is a successful second tier that does well also (but nowhere nearly as much), and everybody else is left behind.>

Graphs and analysis by the blogger available at --



btw - this came to my attention by way of something posted at Kucinich Forum web page -

This just in from the Ministry of Plenty 13.Feb.2006 00:15

Commienokaze aka Commie bastard

Chocolate rations have been increased to twenty grams this week from only thirty grams the week before!

Kos is kool. 13.Feb.2006 02:33


The Kuc is kool, too. Indymedia is koolest. But your next door neighbour is frozen.

He, she, it, or they, as the case may be, does not know this. You have not told them, in a way that they can understand and relate to.

It may give you the warm fuzzies to tell us yet more of what we already know. However, you have NOT done your civic duty until you tell somebody who does not know. Perferrably somebody who might do something more than talk about it.