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Bug Poop For What Oils You

Bug Poop Cure For U.S. Oil Addiction
Biotech companies and scientists have risen to the challenge of providing a
cure for the junkies caught up in America's oil addiction epidemic.
Together they have created another scientific project where genetically
modified termites, various insects from different jungles, and microbes will
create ethanol by converting wood, corn stalks, and other plant scraps into
sugar. According to the government this 199 proof alcohol will be used to fuel
America's vehicles.

Who owns the patent on the GM life form? 12.Feb.2006 23:39


After following your links it looks like Shell is heavely invoved in this. I'm afraid the only answer to the out of control over consumption that has taken control of our lives, is to learn to conserve.

Shell (and the rest of the oil companies) had their chance, and look at how it turned out. And anyway which makes more since: continuing to be a slave in a system dominated by a small handful of individuals, or relying on our own power to transport ourselves?

For me the answer is simple.