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9.11 investigation | imperialism & war


There is a banner ad for "Universal Orlando Resort" at the top of the photo list of coalition casualties here:  link to www.cnn.com
This is exactly the kind of shameless capitalist profiteering that makes me loath this corporatist war pig government. I long to see the day when its fascist terrorist leaders are convicted before the world and made to pay for their crimes!

It's bad enough that Americans have allowed themselves to become so hopelessly ignorant of what is going on all around them, and so self-absorbed with the propaganda chatter box that they know more about the NFL and Paris Hilton than they do about our Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is shameful that Americans care more about Botox and Viagra than they do about governing themselves and standing vigil against those they have allowed to destroy our Constitutional Republic.

How shameful, that Americans have become so niave and gullable that they believe the lies of the very same cowards that murdered them in mass on September eleventh, and allowed these same criminals to send their sons and daughters, wives and husbands off to war, in good faith that these capitalist-pig war-mongers were sending our troops into harms way for a just and noble cause. It is unbelievable that even after being murdered in mass, and then lied to and tricked into two wars, and seeing our brave soldiers slaughter the innocent and be slaughtered by a legitimate resistance, even after these outrageous crimes the American people are still tuning in to CNN to further anesthatize themselves.

And I wonder, will they ever wake up? Will Americans ever disenthrall themselves from the mass hypnosis being used against them by the Police State? I wonder, when you see the list of those honorable soldiers who are being murdered by the lies that these terrorist war pigs are telling us, and above that list see the banner advertising a lovely get away at "Universal Orlando Resort", are you not outraged? If you are not outraged, you are not paying attention.