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WA State to sell 560-acre forest for private development!

The State of Washington has listed 560 acres of heavily forested land near Goldendale for sale and to be divided into 20 acre parcels. Outrageous! How can we stop this? What local environmental groups would work on this?


560 acres of private timberland located along major highway and surrounded by government owned property. First time available in over 100 years. Previously oned by Washington State Department of Natural Resources. Can be divided into 20 acre tracts.

Lot Size: 560.00 Acres

Fuel: Available

Site: Comm. Grade Timber, Heavily Forested

This listing is courtesy of: Pacific Rim Real Estate Group


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Goldendale, WA 98
Doesn't this fall into the Columbia Gorge protection? 12.Feb.2006 14:53


Obviously this should be a focus.

observation 13.Feb.2006 15:45


it sounds from the listing that the property was "previously" owned by the state of WA, but is now owned and being sold by a private entity. i would look into this deeper before launching a campaign against the state DNR