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An editorial
By Murdock Todd Cote (Doc)

The long road has began, loyalty to me is steadfast attitude to one purpose; loyalty to ones nation, loyalty to ones people. It also means that we are loyal to laws, our rules; we do not deviate. America's rules are absolute, the declaration of Independence, the bill of rights and our beloved Constitution the ground work of being an American. These documents are preceded by others from the beginning of time. The Magna Charta, before that it was code of Hamurabi to the French articles of confederation of the French Revolution.

Loyalty to one another as fellow citizens of a nation loyalty is caring having a heart, our people first; Lieutenant General Thomas Jonathan Jackson commander II Corps, army of Northern Virginia said and I quote in his explanation to a father about his Interpitation of Patriotism"Being a God Fearing Man, my first allegiance is to God, my second is to my state Virginia, if she adheres to the union, then I adhere; her determination must be mine every state has a primal claim to the fealty of its people and may justly control that fealty that is my interpitation of patriotism" that quote is my bases to loyalty and my adherence to the laws that my forefathers put to paper after the beginning of the war with Great Britton and King George the III, to free us from the tyranny of his government. Tom Jefferson used the laws of freedom a millennia old.

On my right arm on my bicep is a flaming sword and under it the words " Una Sallies Victus" which in English means last hope of the doomed motto of the Argosy Special Operations Command . The one thing Mr. Bush has forgotten about Loyalty, fidelity courage and honor. It is this it is earned by Deeds of Valor, because words are meaning less and have nothing of substance. A good example would be Mr. Bush's State of the Union 2006, it was contradiction beyond contradiction, one lie to cover another; one cover up after another, one scandal after another. Enron under Ronald Reagan and your father; you Mr. Cheney with Halliburton, your brother with election tampering concerning the two thousand election of the President, your deeds have lost so much in the eyes of loyalty, patriotism, courage and honor to know these immortal words Duty, Honor, country. Country Mr. President means our country, duty to ones nation and honor to a warrior that word means to be honorable in battle. You have none of these quality's and you have forgotten "deeds not words" everything you have done and said in this administration have been nothing but a lie and you have no honor, and you never will. An honorable man does not cut food to the poor, the low income, and the elderly and disabled; he does not cut medical care, or deny frontline medications to the people who need them. He does not deny them shelter, warmth by cutting the funding for shelters and oil assistance programs which should be funded to it's fullest extent of the elected governments ability.