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Not my brother's keeper

The details of this tragedy of civil liberties are fairly complex, however I sincerely request that you review the article our publication has prepared. Richard Thomas was kidnapped by the US government without proper cause or due process in order to facilitate the theft of a sawmill in Honduras - of which Bill Saxon, prominent in the oil business in Texas and good friends George Bush and former Sec. Donald Evans, was the economic beneficiary. We have documentation and plenty of evidence to back up our case, and the other party has been reluctant to respond to our numerous requests for comment. We need your help to make sure that this tragedy sees a public light.
ichard Thomas reuinted with his family for the first time since June 2004
ichard Thomas reuinted with his family for the first time since June 2004
Prior to the evening of Jan. 31, Richard Nolan Thomas II had never seen or held his youngest daughter.

In the company of his father, Dick, his son, Soloman, and several other family members, Richard went to the Portland International Airport that evening to greet his wife and the rest of his children as they returned from Honduras. That was the first time he had seen his family since being seized at gunpoint from his Honduran home in June 2004.

Since then, Richard had endured beatings, a heart attack and imprisonment. On the basis of what appears to be a bogus warrant, he was shackled in irons and flown to the U.S. in the custody of the U.S. Marshals. His pregnant wife and children were left defenseless in Honduras. The business he and his family had built was destroyed.

Richard has made his share of mistakes, a fact he freely admits. But he had never done anything to justify the treatment he received, let alone the terror that was visited on his wife and children and the destruction of his family business.

His nightmare grew out of the alleged fraud committed by his half-brother, Gary Thomas, who through the use of an ally in the oil industry was able to enlist the help - possibly unwittingly - of the U.S. embassy in Honduras and former Secretary of Commerce Donald Evans. It was through the intervention of these powerful people that a family business dispute became an international human-rights outrage.

(full text and supporting documents available at  http://www.nwmeridian.com/content/060210_01_p1.php )

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Richard Thomas- environmental group has different take 20.Feb.2006 09:53

Randy Mott

Several of us have investigated this story and found it to be riddled with inaccuracies. An environmental group fighting illegal logging in Honduras describes Richard Thomas as an illegal logger who tried to block his extradiction to the US by bribing local offoicials in Honduras. Link; http://www.eia-international.org/files/reports112-1.pdf

Federal records describe a whole series of convictions for this guy in the US. His posted court papers reflect no injustice or problem with his extradiction, plus it appears that he was in Honduras illegally without a visa.

Randy Mott

Short response 20.Feb.2006 10:47

Wes Wagner wes@nwmeridian.com

The facts surrounding the case of corruption on Yuri Malera are complicated and very much in dispute - a cursory treatment of it in a EIA report - although interesting - is not the full story. The corruption scandle was mostly kicked off by Ollie Thomas, who had sent information to the US embassy about a recent $6000 payment she made to Yuri claiming it weas a payoff (which happened in May 2004) given the fact that Ollie was actually pushing to get Richard taken out of the country, I fail to see how that evidence adds up. The whole thing gets very sticky because Yuri, prior to being the AG, worked for the Thomases as their lawyer. The entire Yuri case needs another wholehearted look - officially there was never an investigation, just the sudden media storm in 2005 and a resignation. There actually needs to be an investigation in that issue and the lumber practices in Honduras.

As far as Richard's visa not being valid - his deportation paperwork appears to have been created without a hearing and illegally but under the color of law. A copy of his passport which includes his visa stamp is available in the print version.

With regards to the federal convictions, I would say go back and make sure you have the right Richard Nolan Thomas II - "Richard Thomas" is a very common name.

Also, please feel free to contact me in the future for clarification or additional facts that I may have to assist you and the rest of the people you are working with. If I have made an error, I want to know about it and help straighten things out.