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Cascadian Independence and the Greens? a discussion for Cascadians.

There is a very good conversation happening on the Rogue IMC website this morning. Good questions are being asked. How can we create Cascadia to serve the people as well as the bio-region. How can we begin to organize? Are other parts of the US beginning the process of sucession? How do we start?
Here is the transcript to the article and discussion so far. What do you say...Cascadians and those awakening to Cascadia.

Cascadian Independence and the Greens?
Doug Fir, 11.02.2006 10:38
After nearly two centuries of the Pacific Northwest being manipulated and controlled by Atlantic oriented leaders will the people of the Northwest wake up to American imperialism.
The issue of an independant Cascadia is not on the political table, because of several issues ranging from big east coast money and corporate imperialism to even leading individuals lacking the imagination to see the American Empire balkanized or to break their childhood images of a United States of America.

We all know (even Republicans) that the last few national elections had fraudulent or suspicious elements involved. Many "liberals", Democrats and unfortunately Green party members believe that the corrupt American electorial system can be reformed or saved. Are the issues of Cascadia being truly addressed in Washington DC or Ottawa? The Democrats lack either the collective nerve to challenge the Neo-Cons? The Democrats have also played political tricks on the Greens during national elections. Why do the Greens of Cascadia still support a system that is obviously set up against their potential for political change as well as a system that is destructive to life, liberty and ecological harmony?

Other states have recently began dialogues for secession from the American Empire such as Vermont, Hawai'i and even Arizona. Why not Cascadia? Could passive Greens be enabling the threat of lose of civil liberties, destructive federal forest policies, erosion of public educational institutions, the systematic cutting of the social net, increasing privatization of the commons and more? Could "working within the system" just be a pipedream less likely to successed that the claims that an independent Cascadia are a pipedream? Which is more realistic: a reformed United States of America were war criminals are drag off to the Hague, civil liberties are restored, social nets are provided and ecosystems are protected OR a chance to create a real democracy based on human and environmental rights?

The Vermont Independence Convention... Cascadia next?

Vermont: Most Likely to Secede

Vermont Convention on Indepedence

Should States Consider Secession?

If Arziona can be "free" from the US under martial law _ Why not Cascadia!



Someone just needs to start the process of open community discussions about forming Cascadia. Invite the "greens" and all interested. Ask good questions and discuss the possiblities openly. Something that does not happen in the present form of "democratic" fascism that controls the US.

Start by forming groups that will model the kind of government or communication style you want to create in Cascadia.

I for one want the "spokes council" model. From the neighorhoods up, create spokes councils that listen to individuals. Next, a member of the spokes council makes up a community wide council. The will of the people is always considered. THe spokescouncil spokes person does not have the right to votes against the neighborhood level spokes council.

Next level: each community does everything they can to grow thier own food, recycle what they use into the things that the community needs. Each community creates jobs that provide for the community first. Schools, healing collectives, care for elderly and children, etc.

Next level: each community council sends a spokes person or two to a all communities council where regional decisions are made based on the will of the people in the communities.

There is always a chance for any community member to be a representative of the community as long as they represent the will of the people.

All resources are kept in the region. Bio-regions are identified and natural resources protected from imperialists armies, scavengers and thieves. People are educated to understand their role in living and supporting a healthy bio-region. We are all taught about our connections to the land, the air, the water, each other.

WE go back to a natural way of healing and do not allow pharmaceutical corporatists to pollute our bodies, our water, our land, our air. We are all taught to raise the plants and food and water and use natural ways that will keep us healthy and heal us when we are sick.

WE learn to communicate in a non-agressive respectful way. WE get from behind our machines in a face-to-face community discussion. WE do not allow oppressors to gain a foothold in our communities. We learn to mediate and communicate in a way that the peace that we search for can begin with us.

Thats all I have to say. I will never give up this vision for Cascadia!

homepage: homepage: http://www.rogueimc.org/en/2006/02/6054.shtml

Humm 12.Feb.2006 12:22

Nona Bow

yes, Cascadian capitalism will be better than us capitalism.

Should be a featured story 12.Feb.2006 15:05

naked snail

hey indy put this as a feature story. Lets get a dialgue going!

Maybe wait a day or two on featuring 12.Feb.2006 15:58


Yes looks featurable to me. Let's give Joe Keating benefit a day at the top.

consider what is sustainable 12.Feb.2006 17:26


This is very interesting information. For awhile I have been thinking about where we are headed as a nation. The present government is not interested in what is sustainable and good for the people. They use shortsighted thinking. It's all about profit. They are not stupid. They are stealing the wealth that was accumlated by the people of this nation. Our long-term savings like Social Secuity. The natural resources. We owe much of our national debt to China now. It's almost impossible for the working person to own property now. We are at the beck and call of "market forces". In another time the working people of this nation would be awake enough to see this as a outright takeover, invasion of this country. We are so mindwashed and sedated that we cannot see when we are in danger.

We need to plan for another way, a smaller scale self governing way because the present system of government is not sustainable. It does not care about the people in this nation. We have come to a point in our nations history where so much power was amassed in Washington DC and the corporate board rooms that we have lost our way. Many of us do not really own anything except debt.

What should we do? Organize

Even if we never get to proclaim to the world that we are Cascadia, a new country. A place organized by bio-regions that cares for the people, all the people, and all our natural resources. We should organize in our hearts and minds and spirits to create these spokes councils.

Once they have extracted all the water, all the trees, all the land and minerals and left us behind, we will need to learn to share resources to survive. There are not enough willing to stand up to the invasion of Oregon to keep it safe and democratic. We should organize as if Cascadia already exists and start to make decisons that will allow us to survive, not as slaves but as freedom fighters.

And, there is one more scenero...The madmen and women in DC and in the board room attack Iraq with nuclear weapons and bring war upon the world. The US is attacked in retribution for our sins upon the people of earth. We lose the ability to communicate and find resources from outside out region. If this happen, we will need to learn to cooperate in spite of our differences, and come to an agreement about how to live.

Like I said, the present system of government in the US is not sustainable. We who are awake should begin to plan for the darkest years of our lives. From the chaos, I hope we can rise again, and live in a beautiful place called Cascadia! Viva Las Cascadia!!

Like the last comment said. The first step is to start living the way we want live.

The first regional spokescouncil 12.Feb.2006 17:58

Eugene Cascadia

Where can we meet for the first meeting of the Cascadian spokescouncil? HOw about Eugene the weekend of the Oregon Country Fair this summer in July? People will already be coming to Eugene...most likely. In Oregon, it is half-way between Portland and Ashland.

We keep it open and safe and peaceful. No talk about hurting people. We meet and decide about setting up systems of communication and sharing resources. Teach people to set up spokescouncils in their communities. Teach people about non-oppressive ways to communicate. Encourge women, people of color, first-nation people, elders and children to be part of the education. Maybe we could even hold it at the fair. It's expensive to get in now, and I don't want that to be an issue. SO outside the fair is good too.

Anyone interested in starting to talk about this? I know there is an issue about safety. But, I propose to keep it peaceful. No illegal action planning...just networking and teaching each other and starting to heal old divisions between us.

Oregon Country Fair Community Village 12.Feb.2006 18:16

Hey Eugene, we are already doing this!

Hey Eugene Cascadia,

The Oregon Country Fair has some great events planned this next year as part of the Community Village. The Community Village is part of the fair. Here's blub about it:

"Community Village is a part of the Oregon Country Fair Family and is dedicated to education, information access, and networking for progressive social change. We create a spiritual center manifesting the Village Vision of love, peace, trust, justice, cooperation, equality, and social service. By believing in dreams, thinking of others, valuing differences, and experimenting with new ideas, we hope to expand our consciousness, growing beyond the Fair into the world at large."

Maybe someone knows someone who is part of the Community Village who can help plan this Cascadia Spokescouncil Meetup.

Also, what about meeting during the Village Building Convergence in Portland on May 19th through 28th. Seems like they have some radical thinkers amonst them who might let us Cascadians meet up.... Otherwise...we can just do it that weekend when everyone is in town to take part in the VBC. No need to re-invent the wheel...or maybe there is.

some suggestions 12.Feb.2006 20:05


check out


...instead of sustainability being an issue of population scale, managerial economics, or technocratic planning, an overhaul of formal democratic institutions is required. This is because environmental degradation has more to do with the biased interactions of formal institutions and informal corruption. Because of corruption, we have environmental degradation. Current formal democratic institutions of states are forms of informal gatekeeping, and as such, intentionally maintain democracy as ecologically "out of sync". He argues that we are unable to reach sustainability without a host of additional ecological checks and balances. These ecological checks and balances would demote corrupt uses of formal institutions by removing capacities for gatekeeping against democratic feedback. Sustainability is a politics that is already here—only waiting to be formally organized.

 link to www.amazon.com

This articles was already posted 13.Feb.2006 02:40


the Wolf Meetings nearly 150 years ago 13.Feb.2006 03:13

Ecotopian Yeti

Back in 1840s it was the "Wolf Meetings" that would lead to the discussion for a provensal government in the Oregon Country. These meetings were focused on "pests"... well maybe its is time to have wolf meetings again but this time not focused on getting rid of "pests" but restoring and sustaining our bioregion. Maybe we need to eventually have a Cascadian Bioregional Congress with guest lecturers like David Suzuki, Ernest Callenbach, David McCloskey, StarHawk and others notable speakers about the bioregion. But one step at a time. And the steps in this thread are perfect.

Oregon's The Provisional Government www.oregonpioneers.com/govt.htm

Community Village-- Sheesh!!!! 13.Feb.2006 09:01

Antinomias Vermont

If the assholes from the OCF community village have ANYTHING to do with this, count me out. Saying that most of these jerks have the sense to wipe their asses after they shit would be paying them an undue complement.

be ready to kill 13.Feb.2006 11:10


because your plans, if ever they come close to actual fruitation, will require you defend yourselves. The government will never allow a section of the country to become suddenly autonomous. Are there cascadian defense militias being set up? that might be the place to start.

Yeah. start it up & suggestions 14.Feb.2006 01:22

cris cascadia

I have some experience with spokescouncils and have a few likely pertinent comments.
I have experienced Spokescouncils to be very effective ways to include all in decison making....Seattle Break the WTO, Cascadia Summer 2003........
So, back in 2003 we had a new cascadian spokescouncil that represented most of cascadia, except folks in BC, although they were invited.
It was in the cause of ecosystem defense but some of the younger folk who thought they could reach decisions more efficiently on their own, hierarchy, decided to disband it.

So, beware of starting such a thing and subsequently having some folks, young or aged, impatient with the slowness of consensus as well as being full of themselves decide they can just take over and disband the spokescouncil because they think its too slow and inefficient in decision making.
FIRST, I would suggest working on creating mini spokecouncils per watershed/community (large or small)or macro bioregion first, over the next few months. Get to know each other if you don't already. Say by July/Fall figure out who can be your spokesperson(s) at a larger Bioregional spokescouncil.
Each minispokescouncil can start addressing and working on issues that they/we can use to become independent of the current political and economic systems.
For instance, who can offer what resources, building food security, support of transportation of goods and services within the watershed/community if petrol is no longer readily available, building watershed viability, sharing of common resources, creating and maintaining minimum infrastructure to sustain the watershed/community, production of building materials and resources for the community, preparing for and dealing with "acts of nature" ie fire, flooding,etc if petrol in not readily available.

Also, if there is a imminent serious threat to the viability of your watershed fight it but do it in a way that can build alliance with common folk, right or left, in the watershed/community. One area that concerns most people in fire driven ecosystems is protection of their homes from fire (fuels treatment) and the degradation of the fire resistance of the watershed by outside forces (USFS, BLM, State, or Corp).

thanks for thinking out loud and excuse me if i speak of the obvious.

re: Yeah. start it up & suggestions 14.Feb.2006 05:32

Ecotopian Yeti

Unfortunately I could not attend the Cascadia Summer 2003, because of a major family crises. So I do not know much of the details of what happen, but imagine if (if I understand cris cascadia correctly) if concensus had been followed through and all the other mechanicism associate or needed to build a cohessive bioregional network (maybe the infrastructure of a bioregional cooperative commonwealth). I think we need a new Cascadia Summer... either a Cascadian Summer 2006 or a Cascadian Spring 2006... right now it sounds like the talk is summer, but if political and economic events quicken I can imagine the need for a Cascadian Spring especially if Iran is attacked or Iran switches to petroeuros while CAFTA goes into effect. We could either see younger people fearing a draft wanting to see action or those hurt by the new economic reality wanting safe guards. Added to this the rising price of oil and the lack of major change in the infrastructure.

Again I have posted before we NEED an Evergreen Revolution that is a socio-ecological awakening and this must work through the growing network of the local economy, peak oil awareness, freeskools, environmental action and other social movements that are all over Cascadia (including British Columbia and Idaho).

I like the idea of starting in my own ecosystem 14.Feb.2006 21:50

Jamie Cascadia

I like the idea of starting where I am. I think we need to start having conversations with people around us. I am going to try and reach out to people I don't normally talk to. I want to know what they think. In my community we are starting to talk about creating an alternative media center. I think that I will talk to these people about putting together a gathering...a speak out of sort. With food and music and poetry.

Someday I hope that we have enough people to make a spokes council...and someday I hope to meet some of you to hear about your communities. I am starting to see the possibilities.