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British soldiers beat defenceless Iraqi teenagers w/ video

Details emerged last night of a shocking video which shows a group of British soldiers brutally beating and kicking defenceless Iraqi teenagers in an army compound.
February 12, 2006

The footage show eight soldiers pulling four teenagers off the street and dragging them into their army base, before beating them with batons, as well as punching and kicking them.

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video also at Crooksandliars 12.Feb.2006 12:12


It's nothing new 13.Feb.2006 16:50

Harry Perkins

This is nothing new with the Brits. They did this stuff in Kenya, Aden, Palestine (and so on) and particularly Ireland.
British soldiers were well known for their torture in Ireland, not forgetting internment without trial, 'Diplock trials' where trials had just three judges and no jury.
Remember those who died on Bloody Sunday, 14 peaceful civil rights marchers shot dead by British troops.
Blair and Bush are war criminals and should be next to Saddam in the dock.
Don't let these tyrants get away with murder.
Get out on the streets and say, troops out NOW.
Join the demonstration on March 19 here in Portland.
Be part of the solution and help build a mass anti war movement

Sunday, March 19, 2006 - Three Years After the Invasion of Iraq
Portland Rally and march: "End the War, Begin the Peace"
Gather 1:30 PM, Event begins 2:00 PM, Waterfront Park, Portland