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Alligators, NO Human, OK

Police officers were fired for killing alligators. Other officers were cleared after killing a naked and injured human being.
First of all, I want to make it clear that shooting alligators or any other helpless animal is NOT all right with me, but after a day of standing with the family and friends of Fouad Kaady, I was horrifed to see an article in the Oregonian (February 12, 2006 edition) stating that two California law enforcement officers have been fired for shooting at least one alligator in a New Orleans area bayou. The officers had gone there to "help" after hurricane Katrina. Their offense was a failure to report firing their weapons and, I assume,for killing the alligator. Here in Sandy two officers heartlessly killed poor Fouad Kaady and were totally vindicated by a grand jury and an internal 'shooting review board'. It is time to demand citizen review boards for our law enforcement departments. Alligators should not be killed, officers should not wantonly shoot their weapons, and an obviously injured young man should not be murdered. We have a right to demand better.