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The end of Channel 1!!!

After 4 months of work, the monsterous channel 1 corperation that has been broadcasting in my classroom if finaly gone!!!
About 4 months ago, I wrote here that a corperation called "Channel One" had been broadcasting its ad-loaded crap in my classroom. Every day at the end of "study time", the tv in our class would automaticaly come on and play Channel 1, a corperation that makes schools, in exchange for free tv's, play a 12 min. "news" program with 2 min. of commercials.* Now, possibly only temporaraly, but still, C1 has stopped in our class, not because we have called to complain several times, but because people were talking during the broadcast. Even if this action is only temporaraly stopped in our class, my principle assures us that channel one will be removed at the end of the year. Wanna know why? because we spoke out. It has been broadcasted in that school for 15 years and will finaly be permanantly removed because we spoke out.

*for more info, go here:  http://channelone.com/

yippie!!! 11.Feb.2006 19:16



Channel 1 is going away. Yippie!

Fantastic action! 11.Feb.2006 19:48


It is fantastic for you to have spoken out against Channel 1. You saw through all of the baloney and knew that corporate 'take-over' for what it was. Keep on with your intelligent work. This is a big messy world and we need people like you growing up in it and making changes. Each time we take a step forward, we can celebrate.

'Bout Time 13.Feb.2006 16:00


When I was in High School Channel 1 had just started. I fought it by heckling it while it was broadcasting. I had to deal with the backlash of my "homeroom" teacher telling me to shutup and so forth (I was a senior)...but, I never had to deal with administration, etc. But, I didn't shut up and it worked pretty well... the other students started making fun of it too.

At the time, I didn't have the capitalist critique (I'm glad you all do), I did have the advertising being inappropriate in the classroom though. As a note, we never used those TV's for any kind of Closed Circuit broadcast that I know of.

Anyway, it's about time that it stopped. Honestly, I had forgotten all about Channel 1.... I thought it was just a fad that would go away... Thanks for the update.

just an update... 13.Feb.2006 16:32


As great as it is that channel one ended here, it is still playing its army-sponsored ads in thousands of schools across the country. If you happen to go to one of those ufortunate schools, do as i did. Speak out. Call your principal (or your childs principal, depending who you are,) and let him/her know that channel one is not acceptable for you/your child. Call numerous times as different people to get the message across if necissary. Eventualy, your school will be like mine: channel one free.

an idea for other wakened teachers 15.Feb.2006 00:08

a teacher

Use chanel 1 to explain semiotics and the Corporate control... maybe show chanel 1 after showing other non corporate media like DemocracyNow and then compare. Ofcourse you can also bring in the indy media... hell you could post a story and monitor its evolution in the indy such as on chanel 1 or one of the Cascadian posts or the threat of war against Iran. You could even ask if one of the Indy Media people could come in as a guest lecture.

Cut the Lines Boys 14.Mar.2006 20:46

Black Ninja

Good for you guys! We had that Crapple One at our high school too. My friends and I eventually learned the way onto the roof of our High School though. This was not easy though as it involved getting up to the third story! We had to scale the fence by the dumpster, then get on to the the roof of this shed. Next we had to scale up this pipe, then we were pretty much in business as the second floor had a permanent ladder connecting to the third floor. Once up here, we simply located the satellite dish (I don't know if your school will have a dish, our HS was in kind of a remote location... in Iowa: ), and proceeded to cut all the lines that connected to it. Needless to say it took until the next broadcast for them to figure out and then it was back up pretty quick. I can't remember exactly but I think we were force to watch that bullshit twice a week. Usually we'd just sleep through it.

Anyway, that's my story.

Good luck with yours.