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Fouad Kaady Rally pictures

to help or hurt?
to help or hurt?
The NWCRC steps up. http://www.nwcrc.org
The NWCRC steps up. http://www.nwcrc.org
concerned citizens
concerned citizens
getting away with murder ... again.
getting away with murder ... again.
This couple rocked.
This couple rocked.
This family is wonderful.
This family is wonderful.
reportback to come
cropped image 12.Feb.2006 00:56


here it is

Attendance needed @ weekly County CommissionerMeetings 12.Feb.2006 16:46

Mother Teresa

Make your Voice heard about the outrage you feel for the senseless way Fouad was killed.

Each Thursday unless cancelled for some reason,call first,Clackamas County Commissioners Offices,4th floor.PSB Public Services Building.
Meetings start at 10 a.m.
There is a basket by the door to the left side of the elevators on the fourth floor to sign up to speak.
If you have to use "Sisters of the Road cafe" address,so as to not get profiled,
I'd suggest doing so. They ask you to speak it out loud too.

You usally get 3 minutes.

Now remember, this is the County, were these same commissioner's had to write out the check for $1.3 million dollars to the only Black deputy trainee that all the other deputy's racially discriminated against while he was there for 6 monthes. Teres LaValle Attorney at Law in Vancouver, Wa, Won it for him !!!
the best line out of the Judge at his trial was " you laywers just keep on arguing, meanwhile, I'm gonna keep raising the payout amount at $1,000 a minute,"
The county Counsel shut right up !!!" so the Former Black Deputy got $1.3 Mil
Mailed to him ,in Atlanta Georgia ,where he is now a consultant !!!

Also, big kicker note, when the jail needed to stay in service and not matrix out so many people last year, County Commissioners were able to get $100,000 out of Congresswoman Darlene Hooley for 4 video simulator machines for the deputy's to learn how to react in high speed chase's !!!!(anybody feel like chasing a deputy ???!!!! I'd like to know if they learned anything with our Federal Dollars Darlene Hooley got them ???
When they threatened to lay off key personal...they suddenly came up with funding..because Clackamas County Judges wrote them a letter telling them,Publc safty requires them idiots keeping criminals Locked up (and Alive)
Also, without prisoners, the Judges would have to twiddle their thumbs waiting for a criminal to appear !!!to justify there pay checks.

Next Kicker, the County Court house in Oregon City,Oregon s where that dumbass D.A. French works that attacked Presidential Canidate John Kerry's Vietnam Veternans War record at. (and that's the same D.A. that had an Affair with one of the employee's against County Policy in that building)He could still get fired if WE can ever find out the females name...

even one of the County Commssioners Sowa ,switched to the republican party last year, After County Commmissioner Martha Schrader and the Commissioner Kennaman? pissed off a bunch of us County citizens,for allowing the New sewer system to be built in Oregon City ,so Milwaukie,oregon could take theirs down,in the next few years,we warned them, that their jobs are on the Line,
and Martha said, Itwas a done deal already signed in conspricacy with Oregon City Mayor, Alice Norris.
I am a Democrat, and I'll be dammed if Family gets to screw Family,no wonder the Rebuplicans get a foot hold...they sit back and slide in, while we are at each others throats out here just fighting to stay alive. DAM POLITICS!!!!So now you know the some what workings of our county,
go to the County web page out here, and then write your speech for Thursdays meeting.
Keep yourselfs in check, as there will be deputy's all over the place !!!
and you could get tresspassed.

At noon would be a good time to have another rally,cause 100's of people will be in and out of the building and in the streets.
Good luck and be safe. Dont get arrested.

If you don't ask the questions ,I can't give you all the County Dirt to help you arm yourselves. Hope this helps...

Mother WHO ???

more pics 13.Feb.2006 00:06


justice must be served
justice must be served
fire killer cops so innocent can rest in peace
fire killer cops so innocent can rest in peace

thank you 22.Feb.2006 19:29


Thank you, I broke my knee cap the friday before. You guys rock. Who's country? Our country!