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Fouad Kaady well represented

Portland, you folks rock! You came all the way out to Clackamas County to stand with the friends and relatives of Fouad Kaady, and to tell the world that it is not o.k. to kill an unarmed, burned, injured, naked man on our watch.
The action was very well represented, I counted folks from Scott's Mills, from Colton, from Sandy, Estacada, Oregon City, and a whole, big bunch from Portland (even though it was not, technically, in your JURISDICTION) Be proud of your black block, of your entire activist community (except a couple, and you know who you are).

Alejandro, Alton, Mike B, Teresa T, (I am sorry, I missed a couple of names) and the other non family members who spoke were impassioned, and gave good account of themselves. The family was very well represented by George, George, and Danny.

I can assure one and all that you gave great comfort to Fouad's family. It means a lot to know that there are people out there that are sharing your loss.

There will be much more to say in future, but for now, thank you, one and all, for having the courage and the tenacity to come from your county to ours and unite in one voice.

channel 8 lies about number of people 11.Feb.2006 20:27

who showed up in oregon city

channel 8 television had a 15 second spot on the evening news about this rally. essentially they glossed over the facts and spoonfed their audience the clackamas county sheriff's department's version of events about the killing of fouad kaady, i.e. that he was a threat to police (despite being badly burned, naked, and extremely disoriented) and deserved to die. to top things off, they said "about a dozen" people showed up and showed a quick video of about four people standing with signs along kaen road.

this makes me ill.

from these pictures alone, it is obvious that way more people showed up than they said. are they blind or incompetent journalists? of course not. they are LIARS!

a quick glance of these pictures and others on the site shows that a significant portion of the people who attended are friends and acquantances of mine. i could not be more proud to be able to call these folks my friends and allies.

i could not attend because i had to work.

cropped image 12.Feb.2006 00:57


here it is

Wow, I wish more of us had been there with you 12.Feb.2006 08:51


I saw a small blurb on the Portland Copwatch list about this, but it was very obtuse and seemed to be indicating that they had nothing to do with this. I didn't get the impression that they were taking part at all, and few details were forthcoming. I should have checked this site sooner! I can't believe Portland copwatch wasn't more involved in this. Is there some other list out there, where I can get more details about events like this?

out of the loop 12.Feb.2006 15:18


I was also shocked that Portland Cop Watch did not become involved. I heard a rumor that it was "not in their jurisdiction" which does not make a lot of sense to me. When cops run amok, there is no jurisdiction. I am sorry to hear that they draw such fine lines. The Kaady rally was a success without them, but stronger community is always something to hope for. Maybe next time.

To out of loop 12.Feb.2006 17:31

on copwatch list

Yeah, that was weird about copwatch not being there. It's not exactly in the same town with NWCRC either, but they were certainly there. (I love the new director!) Not to mention National Action Network -- I heard that Alton came all the way from Tacoma to be there, and he said he will come down again on Thursday. If I ever need someone to watch my back, I know who I will feel comfortable turning to, and who I won't. Good job, NWCRC and National Action Network. Good job everyone who came.