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First Report on Kaady shooting protest against lethal force on Feb. 11th , 2006.
Sincerely wanted to attend this one and show support for Kaady family and friends over the senseless loss of their son, Fouad to cowardly police violence. Arrived a little late to find out that the protest was being held in a little postage stamp sized park with no parking available close by.
Went down the street two blocks to turn around in a small industrial park and found Oregon City police hid out behind these buildings, poised to strike. Returned back to area of park and tuned towards sheriff's office to find that all parking lots along this two block county strip were barricaded off. This led to a dead end in front of the road leading to sheroff's department which was being guarded by about six heavily armed and nervous deputies who ran up to my car to see what I was doing. I rolled my window down a little and said "just turning around" and departed. Noticed cops hiding in unmarked cars with high powered equipment around a half mile perimeter and decided this wasn't my cup of tea.
As much as I wanted to hear people speak and express feelings, this was just too creepy for me. These guys have already proven that they are violent, dangerous,fear freaks that will shoot first and justify later and it was quite clear what the mind set here was; "Fuck with us and we'll get you!"

looked like fifty to seventy five people present, and I don't like these odds. They say you get the government you deserve, and I guess to some extent that is true. If fivty to a hundred people is all the more who care about the outrageous actions of police in the murder of Fouad Kaady, I guess we will have to wait for a few more cops to commit murder to raise public awareness and get enough citizens together to take back our freedom and justice and win back the representation we pay for. Don't forget, your dollars paid for all the cop presence at this protest today and it wasn't aimed at public safety or protection. There was no public in miles of here to protect. This was strictly a show of force and an attempt to intimidate by the cowardly Craig Roberts, paid for with your tax dollars. Craig Roberts is still a sissy coward and a pathetically corrupt man. As long as we allow him to remain in office we will have injustice, brutality, murder, and perjury aimed at covering up these crimes.

Too bad you missed it 11.Feb.2006 20:26


Each one of us is a voice. To arrive, then to turn away because you feel that there are too few people there is really not all that productive. Each of us had a passion, and each of us will share this passion with others, and this process will grow.
Meanwhile, the fact that our action caused a reaction (all beit an over reaction) from the sheriff, just means that they know that they are wrong, and that they had better stand by for a ram.

Too bad you did not stop. To begin with, I was there early, saw that they had barricaded the road to the jail, learned that they had reserved their own, employee parking lot "just for us," and there were at least a half dozen other lots within walking distance. If you had stopped, you would have learned for instance, that dozens of the folks there had come by bus from Portland, while others drove in from Scott's Mills, Gresham, Colton, Sandy, and Eugene. Too bad you could not commune with us, and gain from our strength, instead of becoming disconnected, and weakenned by dissassociation. Next time, please stay a moment, register your complaints in person.

The attention thus focused engaged passers by, and the story, heretofore all but ignored, is getting corporate media play.

Did you post any fliers? Did you announce in any public way that the event was to happen? How the hell are folks to be there, if the posters do not go out, and you choose to do a drive by dissent?

Thanks anyway, though, deputy 11.Feb.2006 21:04


Thanks for trying. It can be scary, facing the police state. But you are not alone. It will take us all standing up together to make changes. Don't be afraid. Maybe we will see you next time. :-)

Sounds like you are the coward 12.Feb.2006 07:27


"If fivty to a hundred people is all the more who care about the outrageous actions of police in the murder of Fouad Kaady, I guess we will have to wait for a few more cops to commit murder to raise public awareness and get enough citizens together to take back our freedom and justice and win back the representation we pay for."

Well ..it doesnt matter if 10,000 people show up if they are too "cowardly" to stop and join the protest because it isnt big enough for their liking. What a cheap excuse! At least the "fifty to a hundred" people there really did care enough to get their asses out of their cars and make a presence.......geez , what a baby !

Reminds me of another case 12.Feb.2006 12:15

Rob's mother

Reminds me of my son being murdered by Pensacola Sheriff's department back in August 1980. Rob had phoned 911, asking for assistance in getting to the hospital. He was experiencing a severe panic attack - had called me stating the police were walking back and forth, hands on guns, in front of the phone booth there in Pensacola, Florida. I assured him he could trust the police, whereupon he asked for help. He was taken to jail, locked in a holding cell, where he waited for over an hour, all the time experiencing severe anxiety. Upon letting him out of the cell, and finally taking him to the hospital, the deputy and his help threatened my son. Rob ran out the back exit of the hospital, with the helper yelling "kill him, kill him". And that is exactly what they did. Rob was trying to get behind a tree, and the deputy bragged that he was able to shoot him anyway - from side to side through Rob's abdomen, and then through and through from the other side. Rob died at the age of 32. Nothing was done about it. ACLU forced a grand jury hearing, and the police lied about what had happened, even though a dentist at the scene witness just exactly what had happened. The jury informed me that "punishment of the officer would not bring back my son". Really!!!!

Parinod Cops Post Camera A top CCPublic Service Building 12.Feb.2006 16:11

Mother Teresa

Where the Cops were on the Roof in Oregon City,Oregon at the Clackamas County
public services Buliding,On Sat Feb 11th,2006, there now appears to be a camera aimed at the Side walk and common Grounds where we were all commonly grounded together to demand Justice for the use of leathal deadly force upon Foaud Kaady.

Heads UP !!!

respose to one 12.Feb.2006 22:52

deputy domore next time

Hey thanks one for your comments and encouragement. I agree that it is better to stay connected. Once again, I must stress that I did sincerely find the police presence scary and intimidating yesterday and that all visible parking lots were roped off. Although I never served in our military, I do have an education in military tactics, surveillance, & guerilla warfare. As much as I wanted to commune with my brothers & sisters yesterday, the environment was one that I have been trained to avoid. I will look forward to seeing you at the county commissioners meeting Thursday morning.

pics 15.Feb.2006 00:19


i see you
i count seven
i count seven "observers"
see how they spy
see how they spy

When is the next rally? 20.Feb.2006 17:31

DB danieb10@yahoo.com

I feel terrible that I missed the rally, but I had not heard there was going to be one. Next time anyone feel free to send me an email.

I am so sorry 22.Feb.2006 19:24


I wish I was there, I broke my knee cap on friday just before, I wanted to stand with you people, even if there was only 1 present. I read about the snipers that were going to be there, and I knew they would be there, but I wanted to be there still, and not fear the darkness and evil. Thank you so much, you people are really helping the family take the pain, believe me, it helps us with Fouad because you people suffer and hurt too, we know it, we feel it, we love you for it, you have earned our friendship and love forever. I still remember the guy from I think vancouver who came by Sandy in a bus, he stopped, got a flyer, then parked and came and stood with us. That means so much. I remember the guy who drove into Oregon City every morning with his Flag out the window, the couple who came every morning, and Juan, Carlos's dad, I remember how brave and inspiring he was. There were so many times as such. Thanyou, really from the bottom of my heart, Fouad did not die in vain, I see that in all you.