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a simple game of capture the flag turns ugly when retail managment attacks
WOW what a night. so we have a meeting last night for a few event that we are planning and we get the idea to play capture the flag in Wild Oats on Division. We get prepared for the game by setting up the teams which mind you took longer than playing the game. So two teams trickle into the Oats. a flag is hidden on both sides of the store. 12 guys are milling in the store to find this flag. kinda dumb but it was fun. we play for like 2-3 minutes then we get a call over the intercom. ALL YOU IDIOTS NEED TO LEAVE THE STORE. LOL SO some leave. some want to find the flag. so we all leave except a few. a friend of mine named Mr Castle is stopped by the manager and harassed. he plays it cool and professional not raising his voice or anything. the manager starts to try to remove him by force and no luck. so they get into a wrestling match IN WILD OATS WITH CUSTIES THERE. LOL. we break it up and get Mr Castle out side. then we relize that the flags have not been found there is only 2 people in the group that know where they are. MR CASTLE AND ANOTHER. SO we Send him in to get the flag and leave. boy this manager got hot after that. we get the flags and exit all but one. MR CASTLE......We are standing outside cause the man locked us out. IS THAT A FIRE HAZARD FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC ?? WRESTLE MANIA HAPPENS WITH NO ROPES. we are all locked out the man calls the cops with our friend in the store. DAMN THEY WERE THERE FAST 2 mins tops. The inside guy finds a fire exscape and exits climbs a fence and when he got over the fence the cops were there.... thats bout it we talk to the cops and no one gets a ticket and the manager had to say sorry to US...
cops have nothing better to do 10.Feb.2006 13:22


those cops rolled up way fast. By the time the doors were locked - it was less than two minutes before two cruisers rolled up (blocking the westbound lane on Division) followed by two more cruisers one minute after that. That's four squad cars - inner SE within 3-4 minutes of the call.
blocking traffic on Division - is this standard procedure?
blocking traffic on Division - is this standard procedure?
this officer was asking for
this officer was asking for "IDs please"

..... 10.Feb.2006 15:40

blunt edge "maoist"

i always leave before the fun starts.... oh man!

And HOW does this help the workers? 10.Feb.2006 16:08

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn's spirit

Yes, capture the flag is fun. I fail to see,however,how this helps the staff who will be losing their jobs soon. I was there that evening,and as I left I saw the group gathered on the edge of the parking lot. I had expressed sympathy to the cashier when she said only 10 of the SE Division staff would be transferred to other branches.

What about writing a letter to the management,interviewing workers and getting their side of the situation, or something more productive?
Over a hundred years ago the IWW,including actually organized many workers around the country.

Learn from history,people. Strategy and tactics. Knowledge=Power.

Suggested reading: The Autobiography of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn. A People's History of the U.S. by Howard Zinn. Labor's Untold Story by United Electrical
Workers. I read all these and many others in my early 20s, towards the beginning of a lifetime of multi-issue activism.

P.S. 10.Feb.2006 16:17

EGF's spirit

I agree that the manager was WAY out of line,and that he over-reacted by calling the cops. And it's scary how fast they arrived for such a non-issue. Better they should spend their time arresting abusers,batterers,johns,pimps,and meth dealers.

not sorry for corporate office 10.Feb.2006 21:23


I might have some small feelings of sympathy for the workers who lost their jobs, but there are lots of other retail/health food stores in Portland. I am NOT sorry, however, for the Wild Oats company! Remember what they did to Natures and the workers who ran those stores??? This is a perfect example of the PEOPLE running the market!!! The residents of SE have spoken, and we say we prefer New Seasons!! We want to keep our hard earned money in Oregon where it belongs, and not send it to corporate pockets in Colorado. The People United!!!

And I wondered what all those cop cars were doing there last night, glad you guys had fun AND got an apology!! ;o) (I wonder if New Seasons would let us play capture the flag in there?) hee hee

what oregonian meant to say was... 10.Feb.2006 23:39

brian rohter

the people of SE have spoken, and we say we prefer People's Food Co-op!!
(people are REALLY "running the market" there...)
new seasons may be a great store for its business model, and a necessary stop for us conscious omnivores, but people's fosters deeper community thanks to its worker collective and active member-owners-->two things you won't ever find at new seasons.

Move over Wholepaycheck here comes New Zupans 11.Feb.2006 16:29

Brain Rohten & Stan Army

Our plan is working well.We had expected them to give in sooner,but there are too many bleeding heart liberals in Southeast,that still support,food stores that only carry Organic and natural foods and products.But when we have taken over the Portland food store ,market and got rid of Wildoats and Wholefoods, and those pesky little Copperative markets,the people will have no choice but to consume at our stores.
Oh and please stop referring to us as "New Zupans",it really upsets the staff. we like to think we came up with the concept of placing garbage,corporate foods next to Organic and natural in a bourgoise supermarket setting,so that the perception becomes a natural food store, and the consumers will pay more."Suckers".
Anyway sorry about the loss of jobs,but you should have joined the "Fiendless Store In Town",instead of the enemy ,that's not even local.
Yes I know most of our products are not local,Blah,blah,blah....

Wild Oats blows... but take it easy on the workers. 16.Feb.2006 06:41


Being a Wild Oats employee, I'd be one of the first to admit/agree that WO is a terrible company to work for and doesn't care much for its workforce. Having said that, the people losing their jobs are in a shit situation and don't need the hamfisted exploits of a bunch of kids running around the store. I worked at the Beaverton store when it closed, imagine having to explain to EVERY SINGLE person that the store is closing, and why it is closing. Not only is that stressful, but every tenth smarmy cunt has to chime in that SHE/HE knows why, and they'll give you their reason, i.e. New Seasons is better, you people suck, blah blah blah. Customers seldom fail to project their ire onto someone who is powerless to change anything within the company and not responsible for the problem in the first place. Most people at WO would love to work for New Seasons, because it is the superior store. I know this is off topic, considering the original post of some people just trying to have fun, but just keep in mind there are people over there who are getting utterly fucked and don't need any additional bullshit. If you want to have some fun, mail some rancid chicken livers to Perry Odak, the wretched troll of a CEO. I'm sad for myself and all other WO employees, but the sooner WO is driven out of town like some hideous mutant, the better.

Hey, New Seasons 01.Mar.2006 12:30

The Green Redneck

You would have an automatic customer base here in Vancouver. WO ditched the west side of town two years ago, moving out of a perfectly good storefront in Garrison Square. I go to the Cascade Park WO as infrequently as possible and try to shoplift a little something as my own personal "fine" against the company for cutting out on the western half of Vancouver.

Finally! Wild Oats Division Closes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 31.Mar.2006 20:06

if your happy and you know it clap your hands

I'm one of the dislocated Division workers, you think I'd be sad.

I miss the people but, I'm so stoked to no longer be apart of the Wild Oats Co.. Wild Oats is the Walmart of the natural foods world. The company does not care about their employees or customers. Nature's was a great company, and Wild Oats took every awesome benefit Nature's had away from us slowly. The people in charge in Boulder have no idea what the people of Portland want in a grocery store. It's their own damn fault for not listening to the employees as well as the customers suggestions. The silly Wild Oats uniform is when it all went down hill, The Fresh New Look. HA!!! Just think if we would of won the union election years ago we probally would of closed alot sooner. The IWW was just trying to help us from getting swallowed up by the Heartless corporation. Help spread the word everyone DON'T SUPPORT WILD OATS, SHOP LOCAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!