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Darren Thurston Support Update #5 | 20/10/06

An update on the case of Darren Thurston, arrested Dec 7th, 2005 and charged with two counts of conspiracy in the green scare case.
We are starting off this update with a thank-you from Darren to all of you who have sent letters, books and financial contributions in the wake of his December 7th arrest. Your support is one of the only bright spots for him in this very dark and difficult time - and we ask you to keep him in your thoughts over the months to come as we work towards trial. Darren's 36th birthday is coming up on March 8th and we would like to encourage you all to flood him with birthday greetings and cards over the upcoming weeks.

Darren's arraignment on January 30th was uneventful, and he was returned to Multnomah Inverness without a bail option to await his trial October 31st. He is very involved in his case at the moment, with 40,000 pages of discovery materials to comb through in the coming months. These documents include statements from informants, bodywire and wiretap transcripts, intercepted letters and many other items gathered by the FBI that may or may not prove relevant to Darren's case. If you feel you may have information to support his defense, we ask you to contact the support ctte and we will put you in touch with his legal team to arrange an interview.

We have made a number of updates to freedarren.org, including a brief explanation of his charges and court dates, information about how to provide support, and a new contact address for the Darren Thurston Support Ctte (DTSC). Plans for the near future include downloadable support materials, t-shirts to raise awareness and a paypal donation option - we will let you know when these become a reality.

Darren would also like people to know that he is very supportive of the Civil Liberties Defense Center's upcoming Grand Jury Road Show ("Grand Juries, Snitches & Spies - Oh My!) which is taking place at a number of venues in the Northwestern US over the next few weeks. We are working with them to contribute information from our perspective currently. Please go to  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/02/333656.shtml for specifics on when and where these events will be taking place.

In Vancouver, there will be a public forum on the case of the Eco-Eleven and the US Green Scare, March 10th at Spartacus Books on East Hastings Street (details to be announced). We will also be organizing some speaking dates early this summer on Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast and any other receptive communities. Please let us know if you can help us organize venues for this effort!

Thanks and Gratitude,
Friends and Family of Darren Thurston

Contact information follows:

Darren Thurston #701415
Multnomah County Inverness Jail
11540 NE Inverness Dr.
Portland, OR 97220

The Darren Thurston Support Ctte is based in Canada and can be reached at:

PO Box 229
Roberts Creek, BC
V0N 2W0

homepage: homepage: http://freedarren.org