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Earth as Dune-its all one war!

Here's a morale-booster being run on a pirate radio station in DC for all activists:

Gaia-Earth, a planet under seige. Everywhere the crazy warlord George Bush and his minions seek to dominate all life.
From the utter destruction planned for Central America under Plan Pueblo Panama,to the destruction of our cities in the name of gentrification, it is all the same fight! (agaisnt a world that is sliding into darkness)

But this doesn't have to be our fate! There are six billion of the free people of Earth, and less than 100 million of the racist capitalists that George Bush represents. No matter how many people they torture, imprison and kill, there will be ten more to replace every warrior they stop.

Show them no mercy, for we shall receive none form the FBI and George Bush!

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