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those ridiculous cartoons again

The Muhammad cartoons may be offensive, but pleasem don't make an argument based on twisted, censorious logic.
KBOO evening news, Thursday, February 9, at about 5:45 pm:

A reporter for Free Speech Radio News was commenting on the flap regarding the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. In the context of discussing whether the cartoons are racist depictions, he made an argument that I found astoundingly twisted. I will try to summarize his "reasoning" below:

--The fundamental problem with racism is that it attacks people over physical characteristics that they are born with and cannot possibly be free to choose or reject.

---Muslims are obviously not a race by this definition.

--However, because the vast majority of Muslims are "born into" the faith, Islam for them is in fact equivalent to an unchangeable physical characteristic.

--Therefore, the cartoons and other criticisms of Islam are inherently racist.

Is it really necessary to point out that the vast majority of religious practitioners are "born into" their faiths, whatever they may be? Thus the reporter's screwball line of argument would obviously generalize to the statement that criticism of any religion whatsoever is racist.

The cartoons may well be offensive to some people, but I am pretty disgusted with twisted "progressive" arguments like the one put forth by the FSRN reporter.