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imperialism & war m19 2006


Toy soldiers are being deployed nationwide, bearing the message "Bring Me Home Now!" Join the effort that began in Chicago, see www.mouthswideopen.org
An Easy Everyday Nationwide Action Is Heating up in Oregon

We at St Luke Lutheran Peace and Justice Group and at People of Faith for Peace love the idea of leaving little army guys everywhere we go. On the bottom of each soldier, a sticker says Bring Me Home. Go to www.mouthswideopen.org/armymen to see how this is happening nationwide, and see how it's pricking consciences when the guys are found on the library shelf, restaurant table, grocery counter, etc. (Look who you forgot about when you went to the mall for the day.) Anyone can do this while going about daily routines, and it is an inexpensive reminder for all of us to focus on the war until it is brought to an end. People are sending in photos of toy soldiers they've deployed or of soldiers they have found, and the stories are encouraging, heart melting.

MFSO likes the idea too and started deploying today! Vets' groups are talking about it too. People of Faith for Peace in Portland has ordered a couple thousand guys on line (at Mouths Wide Open) and is working on what to say on the stickers, in addition to "Bring Me Home Now."

Each group or individual partiipating can make up their own short message to add, e.g., "Call the Governor," "Call Congress," "March 19 Portland Rally: End the War, Begin the Peace," "Pray for Peace," or a website reference.

Attached is an example of one label idea to get you started. From this document, open in Word, hit "Select All," select "Tools," select "Envelopes and Labels," select your brand/size of label, and hit "Print."

We have found that wrapping the label around the soldier's leg works better than a label on the bottom, providing greater visibility for the message and more lasting power. (Trim the labels lengthwide so that they are narrow enough to fit between the guys' legs, pass each label through, then pinch the sticky sides together.)

Join us!
Contact Harriet Sheridan of People of Faith for Peace  hsheri@msn.com for more information.
THIS ROCKS 10.Feb.2006 11:06

support our PEACE

Bring them home.

Give us energy-efficiency and transportation alternatives now!

Use financial incentives to promote efficiency with money saved from the war.

Remove subsidies for virgin resource and coal industries.

Meditate Peace.

and the actual link is 10.Feb.2006 11:07

corrected below

action 10.Feb.2006 13:09


This is a good idea for an action if anyone says, "What can I do?" Anyone can do this. I encourage all of you to simply make statements....speak out...put out signs. Don't get discouraged when you discover that conservative sentiments are allowed on bulletin boards, but your calls for peace and justice are considered too controversial to be seen. Do it anyway. I tried to post fliers about the Fouad Kaady rally in my little local post office and was told that they were too controversial, yet there were recruiting flyers up there and church bulletins. There were wanted posters and advertisements for a gun seller. I am beginning to rant here, but my point is, do make statements in any way you can and keep on doing it. The soldier project is actually fun and though you know the statements might end up in the garbage, keep putting them out there. Someone is reading them! And next time I won't be asking if I can post anything...