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Taking Fouad Kaady's death personally

Come to the rally tomorrow!
My son suffers from seizures. He might be in trouble out in the community in the future. What are his chances of surviving should the police be called? I have grave concerns about what might happen to him, since hearing what happened to Fouad in September. What about your children? Do you want the police to be called if by some chance your child begins to feel ill or has an accident of some kind? This is something to think about when you plan your 'family response' to emergencies. I grew up in a time when we felt that calling the police was the best option. Now that is no longer true. What happened to Fouad Kaady should NOT have happened at all. The rally tomorrow is a reaction of all citizens to the horrendous results of calling law enforcement officers to the scene of an accident and an obviously traumatized person. I have seen the photos of Fouad. His skin was horribly burned and yet the responding officers used their tasers on him. My heart aches for Fouad's mother. I know how the very thought of what happened to her son causes her grief. We simply cannot let policies that allow that kind of response to stand. Join us at the rally tomorrow. We need each and every person who cares.
Roberts 10.Feb.2006 08:58


Seriff Roberts will be in from 12pm - 2 pm to take ohone calss. CALL AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Exactly 10.Feb.2006 11:17

Madam Hatter

Well said RT.

I've long been concerned about the tactics of police here on the mountain, especially in their relations with those who are poor, young or brown skinned. I have children, and live way up here because I wanted them to be able to walk to the store without being afraid they were going to be gunned down in a drive-by shooting or mugged for their lunch money.

But even before FK's murder, we became aware of the mentality that seems to dominate law enforcement here. For instance, did you know that 3 or more kids walking through Sandy - doing absolutely nothing wrong, just walking - is considered a "gang" and police can stop, detain, question, and pat them down at any time? And often do?

I'll have to try to find it again, but last summer - I believe it was after Carlos Rubio's disappearance, and before Fouad Kaady's murder - there was a big article in the Post about how Sandy cops had harassed a group of hispanic middle school boys when they were wating for one of their mother's to pick them up after soccer practice. Apparently, there was a road sign nearby that had what the cops called "gang graffiti" (from some allegedly murdurous Gresham gang that was supposedly moving into Sandy) on it, and the cop accused the boys of being gang members simply because they happened to be standing by it.

The boys said the cop swore at them, among other things, and detained them until the mother showed up. Parents complained of racial sterotyping, but the cops blew it off saying they were justified considering the threat of the Gresham gang.

Anyway, those are just two fairly minor examples of what's been going on up here for a long time. And the really perverse thing is that instead of worrying about the "bad guys" getting my kids, I have to worry about what are supposed to be the "good guys".

I have discussed FK's murder with my kids extensively and have told them to please, please, NOT call the cops if they or one of their friends needs help. They know, as do all of their friends, that they can call me ANY TIME for ANY REASON and I will come. I have a few close, trusted friends that feel as I do, and they have also made the same deal with their kids and we've agreed to back each other up if the other is not available.

But we can't control all situations or foresee all events. Who could have planned for what happened to Foaud? I'm terrified for my kids - for everyone who is viewed as somehow "different" or "dangerous". Shit, for everyone who travels through this crazy area.

RT is so right. We need to stop this NOW! Please come join us Saturday.

Saturday 10.Feb.2006 16:58


be there