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So They Want To Read Your E-Mail? Give Them Something Good To Read!

The US government is developing a massive computer system that can collect huge amounts of data and, by linking far-flung information from blogs and e-mail to government records and intelligence reports, search for patterns of terrorist activity.

So the U.S. government wants to scan our e-mail, blogs & websites for “our own protection?” I say let’s give them something good to read! Let’s overload their systems.
from:  link to tvnewslies.org

"I think every e-mail that is sent, every website and every blog should include a sentence or two that will trigger an alert. We should never say (or do) anything threatening but we should say things that can be misinterpreted by a computer. Add a trick line to every e-mail. Make it your signature".

"The government does not have the manpower to spy on everyone simutaneously, and if enough of us bombard the system we can inflict chaos on those who seek to monitor us".

Here are some examples:
-My garden is so overcrowded that I think we will have to KILL A BUSH or two this weekend to make room for our veggies.
-We are way behind in our paperwork but my staff is planning to ATTACK this problem immediately.
-We were going to get married in a civil ceremony but my spouse is PLANNING to have a MASS. She wants the altar boys to wear black capes. They will look like a MURDER of crows!

more examples:

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Some of the terms??? 09.Feb.2006 23:13


I'm curious what prompted some of the phrasings that they're looking for like 'Retinal Fetish' or 'Bubba the Love Sponge. !?!?

Transmission Security 10.Feb.2006 00:34


If there was a random text generator application installed, such that in the intervals when the user wasn't actually engaged in some form of communication on the I-net (sending e-mail, dialoguing with a Website--like Googling, sending a URL to bring up a particular Website...), the line would be spewing out the dictionary in random order of words, there would be a blizzard of continuous babble for the ADVISE/ECHELON sweepers to chew on. In a sense, this would blur the "pattern" potential for traffic analysis on the I-net. It would load the system up with a continuous level of "words"--packetized, with dummy headers to nonexistent addresses, interspersed with intervals of actual, intended communications packets whenever the user actually went on-line.

Is this doable? Would it achieve (or be beneficial to the end) for lowering exposure?

I have no illusions that the definitons of tarorrism or tarrohrist are not in the control of friends of the people. Those definitions are similar in the effect of pieces of Kryptonite to Superman--the possessors of those definitions with their power and authority, can use them at any time, in any way to achieve unitary dominance, suppressing the desires and as yet statutory rights of the people, in the flimsy gauze of "security." They can kidnap without warrant, put folks in prison for no stated reason, without access to legal counsel, without appeal, without communication, under their increasingly arbitrary rule. I see no reason for not resisting, indeed subverting these unbounded, undemocratic, unconstitutional intrusions like ADVISE/ECHELON. I say it's patriotic.

On the Other Hand... 10.Feb.2006 02:04

Spinnin' Marty

The odds are that somebody working on this for the Feds have a few brain cells at work, and in time detect this pattern of "resistance" only to spin it to the government's advantage.

Like you-know-who selling the NSA's domestic surveilance program, they'll
wrap up their e-mail spy ops in Old Glory & scare the crap out of the masses via corporate media's hype-mongering as "proof of cyber/net-terrorism". Then they can go to congress and score big bucks to pay for their continued & expanded vigilance against those hostile to American cyberspace.

It's the same song but a to a different tune. Again. What's needed is a whole new mix.

How about this? 10.Feb.2006 09:37


How about placing the words in the footer of an email and send to every address you can think of, including of right wing politicians and religious nutcase church leaders, including where they send automatic replies. The receivers may not always be aware of the text in the footers and they will send replies or forward so that they spread rapidly to all sectors of the populace.

Give veiwers of your emails a reminder 10.Feb.2006 12:42

Man on the street

I added a statement to the signature of my email

"Emails maybe monitored by Intelligence Agencies without warrant or legal process. Words such as rogue, government, rail, chosen, or van may trigger survaillence of your electronic communications."

Just to remind people of our big brother.

something good to read 11.Feb.2006 14:34

raymond purr

I recommend this book for George.

"How To Find The Ideal Man-Date"