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"With these facts, a strong prima facie case for preconcert in the cartoon affair emerges. The convergence of the US-UK nuclear lynch mob's dragging Iran before the United Nations Security Council in a parody of the spring 2003 US-UK proceedings against Iraq, plus the cartoons affair, means that a new general war, perhaps more like the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648) than futuristic scenarios of World War III, is now in sight."
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Nope 09.Feb.2006 22:02


They've seen what a smashing success Iraq has been. Do you really think they want some of that joy?

Who says Iraq is a failure 09.Feb.2006 22:58


Who says Iraq is a failure. Civil war there was likely planned, you think we went to spread democracy? They have their bases. Besides, we are dealing with psychopaths.... all bets are off.

Looking for More Yellowcake 09.Feb.2006 23:11


Re: Berada

Depends who "they" are.

What is the state of cultural integration/disintegration in various parts of "old Europe" these days? Are the elites in those places approaching the levels of detachment from "the rest" that have become more established in the new world, North American. Have their consumers become similarly besotted with detached hedonism? Are the European establishment entities, having gained control of their own versions of craven, whore, facilitating, elected stooges, looking for new "opportunities" (the capitalist buzzword)? Do the "old Europeans" see where the boat is going and want to get on while they can? Follow the money? As the empire emerges and appears to be survivable, what "province" doesn't want to get on board? A polarization seems to be occurring, echoing the runt's parroted self fulfilling prophecy (remember, he is merely a stooge, whose task, like all of his predecessors, is to sell The War): "Either you are with us or you are against us." Maybe "old Europe", at least the elites, have gotten over the shock of the runt's second assumption of office, recalling the incredulity it elicited initially, and see where their advantage lies--"opportunity".

Like in every ruling class, there are no means off the table to achieve the ends of preserving and enhancing the position of more power and wealth. As it has from time immemorial, the ruling class will gladly offer up its own, their vassals, their serfs, their lower orders, either to the hands of the "enemy" or even at their own hands, in their citizens' own cities, in their own homes, in their own beds. The enormity of this prospect shields it from being recognized, as the feed lot would much rather have good feelings about their leaders, and avoid the struggle.

The cartoon fiasco has a stink of CIA. Similar in cause/effect as the Likudnik Sharon's vagrancy at the Hareem al Sharif, provoking the Second Intefada, martyr bombing of expendable Israeli citizens and combatants, retaliation, more bombing, more retaliation, working toward fixing the West Bank land grab and ethnic cleansing. Those are the challenges of "real leadership"--to have the constitution to blow up your own people to achieve a "higher goal" for the long term. This is how presidents and generals send people to their deaths. In the case of the blatently provocation-intending (forget the "free speech" feint) cartoons, it exposes "old European" workers, embassies, consulates, business interests in the Islamic world to retaliation. Just the stuff that the elites can project on to justify "saving democracy." It's what FDR had to do to get the US into WWII. Well, it got those who didn't get shot up or killed out of the Great Depression, didn't it? That takes an iron stomach, if not a detatchment from "ordinary people" that only occurs in the rarified strata of the ruling class.

I think it's plausible that "Old Europe" (read NATO) could be on deck for "retaliation" in the name of Western Values. How much more WMDish can the Iran nuke become after the Muslim popular image has been goaded into appearing as "the other" in the fevered press of "Old Europe"--the seat of traditional Western advancement.

This could also be tactic in muddying the waters for Iran's expected and much heralded conversion of the currency base of its petroleum trade from $ to € in, when is it--March?

Iraq was not a failure 09.Feb.2006 23:19

another poster

They have made a lot of money there and have gained some power. Who knows, maybe that is only part of a 2,3, 10 piece plan for a larger scheme. Maybe not. They wouldnt be going after more countries yet if they havent accomplished what they really wanted to I wouldnt think. I could be wrong. However, either way, I dont think they care about the chaos or deaths over there, as long as they achieved what they were trying to achieve.

In a 10.Feb.2006 06:42

"Clean Break,"

the stated goal was to end the policy of coexitence in favor of gaining total spectrum dominance, by destabilizing all of the middle-eastern countries so that they would weaken, even fragment and break-up, thus rendering them unable to pose a serious challenge to Israel and the vested interests of the West.

Iran is totally surrounded; and it will be taken out by a lethal aerial bombardment and a naval blockade, both of which will leave the door open for a well-armed insurgency to topple the mullahs, leading to a full-scale popular revolt and an ethnic splintering that reduces all to smaller, more controllable groups.