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Bush's lack of vision on health care

Profile of a lack of vision: Bush addresses health care in the State of the Union

Joe Mahoney and the Oregon Action Health Care committee joined together to watch the President deliver his fifth State of the Union address. Prior to the speech, aides said it would focus on health care. So the group waited, hoping to hear a plan to reduce the cost of health care and increase access. They hoped the President would announce plans to fix the troubled Medicare Prescription Drug plan. Instead, after 46 minutes they heard less than a minute on health care.

At a time when 60% of Americans disapprove of his work on health care, Bush still isn't proposing anything more than a repackaging of his Social Security reforms. While providing more tax breaks for wealthy Americans he will leave the lowest-income and chronically ill patients to wither away.

"As a nurse, I am appalled at President Bush's lack of vision in resolving our nation's health care crisis. Simply providing tax breaks to those who can already afford health care will make the problem worse. We need common-sense solutions that reduce costs and increase access to comprehensive health care services." Judy Lebens, Hillsboro.

Oregon Action Health Care committee


Healthy Oregon Plan health care initiative approved to begin gathering signatures

Hello all! Good news! We have been approved to begin gathering signatures. Because this news was received more quickly than anticipated, this Saturday from 9AM-11AM you can come by an pick up your signature sheet packets (with instructions, information,etc) at: 537 NE 29th Ave Around the corner from Pambiche (NE 28th and Glisan).

We will be having a meeting more about outreach, etc. NEXT Saturday the 18th in Portland (you will be able to get sig sheets there). Meetings will follow on March 11th and April 8th in Portland. Watch the website for details We will be having an official "Kick Off" in Portland in the next few weeks - We are looking at March to open things up in other cities and begin our town hall meetings (starting with March 21 in Corvallis).

As always, we are always looking for any type of help. You may be amazed how you can be of benefit.



Reportback on Tues, Feb 7th Town Hall mtg on Healthcare

Below are my vastly imperfect notes on the Town Hall meeting. It was filmed and will be aired on cable access and is worth viewing mostly for the audience's comments and questions... and for reference and posterity in these dark days of dwindling healthcare. I forgot to mention in the body of the article that Kate Brown suggested she would seriously consider mandatory health insurance like we now have laws mandating auto insurance.


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