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Huge Natural Gas Pipeline Proposal in Oregon

A 250-mile natural gas pipeline has been proposed to connect the LNG (liquefied natural gas) proposal in Coos Bay to the Williams pipeline in Roseburg, and then further to the pipeline near Malin, OR (near Klamath Falls). The proposal to import LNG and pipe the gas inland will undoubtedly have major economic, public safety, and environmental impacts while deepening the region's addiction to foreign fossil fuels.

The pipeline is an essential piece of the Coos Bay LNG proposal, and it appears that extensive negotiations have been going on for some time regarding this proposal. Peter DeFazio has stated his support for the LNG scheme, and the Coos Port Commission appointed by Ted Kulongoski appears to be in favor, also.

These individuals, DeFazio and Kulongoski, should immediately be targeted for letters and phone calls of concern about the pipeline and the LNG proposal in Coos Bay. The proposal is bad for the environment; it is bad for the safety and security of Oregonians; it exacerbates our dependence on foreign fossil fuels at a time when the Democratic Party is at least mumbling about energy alternatives and reducing foreign fossil fuel dependence; and finally, it links Oregon's market to a global energy economy that lacks human rights and environmental safeguards for many communities that happen to reside near natural gas fields. This issue is not necessarily a "right" or "left" issue, with many "red" Oregonians fighting their local proposals.

Write or call and let them know you hold them responsible for allowing the State of Oregon to fund the Weyerhaeuser land purchase, a deal that has enabled the proposal of this enormous pipeline and threatens to create many of the sorts of problems described above.


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