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copy of letter to DNGA

democratic national governors association
February 9, 2006

Hon. John Elias Baldacci
Governor of the State of Maine
Statehouse Station1
Augusta, Maine

Dear Sir

Re: Volunteer regiments

I want to make it absolutely clear that I am not abdicating violence or military over throw of the duly elected government. I am advocating that Maine raise a force of fifth teen regiment's into three brigades to form a colonial guard to protect and defend the people of Maine. I call on all democratic governors to do the same. As you know the president can take control of the National Guard from the states by federalizing them. Volunteer regiments he has no authority over only the state does. In time of danger, or the central government going to far; the people would have a full division to defend them each town depending on size would raise everything from a platoon to company to battalion to regiment all infantry outfitted by them and the town or village. All ready to move to defend the state at a moments notice from any aggression of central government in Washington D.C to deny the rights of citizen and defend our constitution and bill of right and if needed remove that government from power and restore the rule of law and the rights of man.

The rights to all Americans, regardless of race, culture and religion, and sex and sexual orientation, it is the right of every state to preserve the union and restore order and the rights of Man, Women, Child." Being a god fearing man my first allegiance is to go, second to my state, and every state has a primal claim to the fealty of its citizens and may justly control that fealty if Maine adheres to central government and the union I adhere her determination must be mine thou I love the Union I love Maine more that is my understanding of patriotism" Lieutenant General Thomas Jonathan Jackson, army of the Shenandoah. We as a nation must be prepared to defend the rights of our people when a government or administration goes to far beyond reason and just cause. I call on every man and women to join their local home guard units of the colonial guard. The commanders of these units will screen every volunteer so that no hate group, separatist, religious fanatic right wing extremists is present in any of these commands.

Every member must swear allegiance to the constitution, the bill of rights and to the people of the United States of America regardless of race, culture, Religion, sexuality, and gender. That they will defend all Americans regardless of their heritage, their culture, gender or their gender preference, we are one, a thousand cultures, a thousand races and a thousand ways of life. The Guard motto "We Live for the one and we die for the one" that means sir we will fight and die for each other and with just cause not what a president decides a just war George Walker Bush thinks everything is fine and the union is strong he is a liar, and a coward with no honor, and leadership that could not run a Austin Whorehouse. We as a nation must be prepared not to fund anymore combat operation that this present administration see's fit to call just. We as states must be able to say no more money, "you may take our son's and daughter but you will never take our freedom" Sir William Wallace 900 ad.

Sincerely Yours
Murdock Todd Cote (Doc)