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Healthy Oregon Plan health care initiative approved to begin gathering signatures

Hello all!

Good news! We have been approved to begin gathering signatures.
Healthy Oregon Plan initiative
Healthy Oregon Plan initiative
Because this news was received more quickly than anticipated, we will be
changing the Saturday meeting -
instead this Saturday from 9AM-11AM you can come by an pick up your
signature sheet packets (with instructions, information,etc) at:

537 NE 29th Avenue

Close to the 12 and 19 bus lines. Around the corner from Pambiche (NE
28th and Glisan).

We will have short mini-training sessions for primarily for people who
have never gathered signatures, but open to all of course.

Please email me if you anticipate needing a large number of signature
sheets (i.e. more than 100) ASAP.
Of course, feel free to contact us if you would like signature sheets
but cannot come by Saturday. We will get them to you. Request the
number you optimistically think you'll need, but realize you can always
ask for more.

We will be having a meeting more about outreach, etc. NEXT Saturday the
18th in Portland (you will be able to get sig sheets there). Meetings
will follow on March 11th and April 8th in Portland. Watch the website
for details (and of course, you can count on an email).

We will be having an official "Kick Off" in Portland in the next few
weeks - again watch the website.

We are looking at March to open things up in other cities and begin our
town hall meetings (starting with March 21 in Corvallis).

As always, we are always looking for any type of help. You may be
amazed how you can be of benefit.

Regarding the Worst Day of The Year Bike Ride this Sunday - I've gotten
a few wonderful sponsors, but nowhere near the 36 I am looking for.
Remember, I'll be out there in the rain for 18 miles trying to get more
affordable, sustainable health care for all Oregonians. Ok, I'm also
going because my friend challenged me to do it, and it supports the
Community Cycling Center, but still...
I'm sure you are all just collecting sponsors at the office and will
send them to me at the last minute.
Thanks for your support.


Evan T. Saulino M.D./Ph.D.
Chief Petitioner - The Healthy Oregon Plan

On the NET at  http://www.healthyoregon.NET

Oregonians for Progress
P.O.Box 2552
Hillsboro, OR. 97123
cell: 503-290-8040
email:  evan_saulino@hotmail.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.healthyoregon.NET
phone: phone: 503-290-8040