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Grand Jury Roadshow

Grand Jury Roadshow in the PNW to discuss federal prosecution and harassment of political activiites
Is this Justice?
How far can they go?
How far have they gone?
What do you have to lose?

Come to an educational forum on Grand Juries, criminal prosecution, and the use of confidential informants presented by Attorney Lauren Regan of the Civil Liberties Defense Center. Learn the facts about the legal system and what rights citizens have in the face of a growing police state that is based on political whim more than a desire for safe communities or justice. Come hear how grand juries and snitches deny your rights, disrupt political movements, and destroy communities. How will current events impact your community?

The law is sometimes a confusing foreign language. The Civil Liberties Defense Center strives to help explain complex legal processes so that anyone can understand current events and how the law works. This roadshow will focus on how law enforcement traditionally solves crimes by discussing the tools used: simple observation of what can be seen in plain view, public information, or interviewing suspects, neighbors or employers. We will also discuss the use and abuse of tools such as grand jury investigations where a person is forced to testify to the government and grand jurors in a courtroom without the assistance of counsel. Even more chilling is the growing use of government informants -- people who are either paid by the government or will receive a significant reduction in a serious jail sentence for their "cooperation." This "cooperation" often results in false trial testimony and unjust convictions.

As the federal government covets additional powers and declares our nation in a perpetual "war on terror," come learn about some current cases in our country and learn how and why our most basic rights are disintegrating. Domestic spying, the [Un]PATRIOT Act, and insane state legislation all harken to the dark days of the McCarthy era and Cointelpro. Knowledge is power. Power to the people.

Roadshow dates:

February 18
SE Portland, OR, Laughing Horse Books, 3652 SE Division, 7-9pm

February 19
Olympia WA, Traditions Cafe, 6:30-8:30pm
(this cafe has recently had a major fire, so we need to find another location--please check back)

February 21
Seattle, WA, Wayward Cafe, 901 NE 55th St., 5-7pm

February 22
N. Portland, OR, Liberty Hall, 311 N. Ivy St., 7-9pm

February 23
Eugene, OR, Fellowship Hall (First United Methodist Church), 1376 Olive St., 6-8pm

February 25
Ashland, OR, Gresham Room, Ashland Public Library, 4-7pm

February 27
Arcata, CA, The Creamery, 1251 9th St., 6:30-9pm

For more information, contact the Civil Liberties Defnese Center at 541-687-9180 or  info@cldc.org. Our website is www.cldc.org.


homepage: homepage: http://www.cldc.org
phone: phone: 541-687-9180

.pdf poster for Portland dates 09.Feb.2006 11:55


Here's a .pdf poster for the Portland dates, if anyone wants to help make copies and pass 'em out to folk...

PDF fliers for all locations 09.Feb.2006 14:00

Gumby Cascadia

Here is a file for the poster with an open area to write in location dates if you are anywhere other than Portland. Please help print, post and spread the word!!!
Grand Jury Road Show All
Grand Jury Road Show All

Cool! 09.Feb.2006 14:53


Wow, this is really cool.

I've had many questions about the whole grand jury process myself, since the Kaady case especially, and this sounds like just the thing to educate the non-legal public on this strange - and often unjust - system.

Thanks to the CLDC for taking this on the road and making this info available to those of us outside of Eugene.

webmaster! roadshow is over. take this link down. thanks. 03.Mar.2006 00:37

juztrynta b helpful

please take down this link off the prisoners page since the roadhow is over. thanks.