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0209 am 'Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for February 9th, 2006
1. The Feds gave back the money they tried to take from the College of Forestry at OSU. This is the story that won't go away. It is a sterling example of blatant repression of scientific research when the results refute Bush's irresponsible policies. We all know it has been happening; this just a text-book case of censorship.
2. OR: KBOO's Stephanie Potter did a follow-up story on the Federal government's attempt to bail out the Ship of State with revenue generated by the Bonneville Power Administration. (This issue should be fought tooth and nail because once the Bush gang sinks its fangs into our river systems, you can kiss your bass good-bye.)
3. Scott Silver, longtime Bend activist is going to run for the Congressional seat presently being warmed by the plump well-fed buttocks of Greg Walden. Silver is a genuine good guy. He has taken up environmental issues involved with land use, forestry and national politics. (But it's the enviro stuff the Feds are going to nail him for... )
4. KBOO's Jim Thompson interviews Jeff Anderson of 'Wake Up Wal-Mart', the group that is opposing the superstore planned for Cornelius.
5. A Canadian national whose father allegedly was an associate of Osama bin Laden, was indicted yesterday by a Federal Grand Jury in Boston on charges that he supplied al Qaeda with weapons (What, hockey sticks?)
6. ONS: Oregonians have way too much mercury in there bodies. (Could be worse. Could be Buicks)
7. For weeks the White House has refused to reveal details of its domestic spying program. They even came up with a new euphemism for it. Then yesterday they coughed up a highly classified hairball of information about the program. Why the delay? (Obviously it wasn't the bad PR. The administration seems impervious to public opinion both at home and abroad. Must have been that the 'Sharpies' kept running out of black ink.)
8. There is a bill being considered that would set up a $140 billion dollar fund to compensate people who have been sickened or killed by exposure to asbestos. The White House is ambivalent: on the one hand, that's a lot of money just to pay off a bunch of lower middle class malingerers and dead people. But on the other hand it's cheaper than fighting off the lawsuits...
9. A Jewish air force academy graduate is suing the school for trying to cram Christianity down everyone's throat. So an evangelical group is rushing to the rescue, accusing the lawsuit "an unprecedented attack on religious expression."
10. Churches all across Alabama have been going up in flames. Four with black congregations and five with white congregations (Maybe God is chuffed at Americans for apartheid in His House... ).
11. Did you hear the one about the evangelical that went to Antarctica and when he came back he got a bunch of other evangelicals together to explain to Bush exactly how his policies are ruining the earth. Which, we are reminded, is something that God Himself made a long, long time ago (possibly in Kindergarten before He learned about perspective... ).
12. A NASA public affairs officer who worked on Bush's re-election campaign (and who was also linked to a campaign to stifle discussion by space agency scientists on global warming) has resigned. Someone revealed the fact that the guy had falsified his resume and he actually did not have a degree in journalism anymore than member of the White House bureau chief 'Jeff Gannon' has a second career in gay military-style pornos... oh wait. He does... .
13. The US says that out of all the upset Muslim people all across the world, Iran and Syria and the most Muslim and the most upset and if they don't stop right away we're going to have to come over there and take their oil. So there. Hrmmmph.
14. At Guantanamo, the prisoners on hunger strike are being force-fed in brutal humiliating ways so that they won't go and die on us, bringing further disgrace on an already disgraceful regime.
15. dateline: Engineers in Uganda are clandestinely draining all the water out of Lake Victoria to generate electricity. (Hey, just a minute, didn't all the snow melt off the top of Mount Kilamanjaro? Why can't they use that instead?)
16. Romania says it isn't sure whether or not CIA planes that showed up at Romanian airports were full of terrified captives, were unloading terrified captive, loading terrified captive or just stopping so the terrified captives could go to the Duty Free store. But one way or another, if there had been any torture funny business, then it for sure did not take place in Romania.
17. The EU is getting a little worried about the fine it is going to get whacked with, all because Europeans don't like the idea of eating weird genetically modified food (that plus the threat that if "you are what you eat", then they might end up looking like Americans).
18. Bird flu has turned up in Nigeria. That ought to put the fear on you, if the rest of this stuff doesn't... .
19. Israel's security chief (now there's a shitty job... ) says that overthrowing Saddam Hussein might not turn out to be such a good idea (what ever gave him that idea?)
20. And in Jamaica, Bob Marley's house has been declared a national heritage site. (And you thought nothing good ever happens in these summaries. C'mon, trust me)